Is Thor: Love And Thunder Hinting at Valkyrie-Jane Foster Thor Romance

The Marvel Universe has hundreds of heroes, each with their unique origin stories. Unique plots, character development arcs, multiple worlds, and multiple futures are splintered all across the comics. In a universe so diverse, it comes as no surprise that there also exists enough LGBTQ+ representation. Perhaps the most recognizable character among those representations is Loki. The God of Mischief is also the first to openly come out as bisexual in the MCU. In the most recent Disney+ series Loki, he talks about being involved in relationships with “princes and princesses”. Although Loki exudes enough bi-panic energy under all that narcissism, there might be someone overtaking charge in the LGBTQ+ department. And who better to one-up him than the bi-queen Valkyrie herself? The new Thor: Love And Thunder movie, releasing on July 8, sets itself up as a treat.

Thor: Love And Thunder
Thor: Love And Thunder Set to Release on July 8

Valkyrie, Thor, and Taika Waititi

Beginning with her solid entrance scene in Thor: Ragnarok, Tessa Thompson has etched herself a permanent role as the only acceptable Valkyrie out there. Fans love her. And she has not disappointing in her character representation. Now it only remains to be seen if she also fills the box for being one of the leading female characters redefining binary sexualities.

It helps, of course, to know that Ragnarok director, Taika Waititi is returning to direct Thor’s fourth installment. With him as the director of Thor: Love And Thunder, we can expect enough quirkiness and pride to make the movie an iconic bi-film in Marvel’s history.

Thor 4
Valkyrie and Jane Foster

However, when it comes to the titular character himself, things are a bit all over the place. We saw Thor losing his father Odin, the entire civilization of the planet of Asgard, and Loki all within a span of 72 hours. This level of loss and emotional trauma can take a heavy toll on even the mighty God of Thunder himself. With no time whatsoever to process his trauma, Thor battles to save the universe from Thanos’ single-minded plan towards annihilation. The transition period that sets in after The Blip is what allows the dust to settle in his mind and the psychological trauma to finally take root. Drinking and eating become his only companion, as is the case with most people who grieve. We have witnessed and ridiculed Fat Thor in Endgame, but do we see him heal and gain some closure and peace in the new movie?

Chris Hemsworth Thor
Chris Hemsworth stars in the titular role in Thor: Love And Thunder

Who to Love in Thor: Love And Thunder

In “The Fearless Defenders” arc in the comics, we see Valkyrie involved in a relationship with a female anthropologist. This clearly confirms her sexuality in the comic world. However, when it comes to the Cinematic Universe, nothing has been set in stone yet.  It will only be fitting for her to come out as the first openly bisexual Marvel female superhero. But word on the grapevine suggests Jane Foster may be on the other end of the romance.

So, do we get to witness a Valkyrie-Jane Foster romance in the new Thor movie? Even with the comical undertone that follows Taika Waititi’s direction, there are heavier themes in his movies. Perhaps, this time, with grief and loss also comes enough healing to make Thor: Love And Thunder a romantic movie after all.

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