IT CHAPTER TWO almost DID NOT have a cameo

IT CHAPTER TWO had no shortage of surprises when he debuted last weekend in cinemas, including a fairly remarkable cameo from someone linked to the story’s history. But as the cast and crew of CHAPTER TWO lately disclosed in an interview with Vanity Fair, for a very particular reason, that cameo was almost cut. CHAPTER TWO spoilers below!

Stephen King, the cameo actor

IT writer Stephen King made a surprising cameo appearance early on the film as a shopkeeper from whom Bill Denbrough (James McAvoy) purchases his childhood bicycle. While the Stan Lee-like cameo served as a distinctive reference to the IT franchise’s legacy, King seemed almost unwilling to see it occur, for fear it would doom the achievement of the film.

Director in a jinx

Pennywise the clown, IT

“He said, ‘Actually, you have to know that I’m a jinx,’” director Andy Muschiettiexplained. “Apparently all the movies that he was in with a cameo ultimately bombed. He wanted to warn me. I said, ‘I don’t think we need to worry about that. We can avert it. We can lift the spell.’”


While CHAPTER TWO might have earned a varied response from fans and critics, its turn at the box office certainly suggests that the “spell” of a King cameo was lifted in some way. And based off of comments from the prolific author, it sounds like he enjoyed the experience.

“Andy asked me if I’d do that, and the major thing for me is: How hard is it going to be to get there?” King said of his cameo. “They were shooting in Port Hope in Canada, and it was really just a hop. So I went up with my grandson, who’s crazy about movies—the oldest one, Ethan—and we hung out on the set. It was cool.”

Muschietti shares about the cameo

Characters of the movie

“He gave us a little list of things that he would like to see in the movie,” Muschietti shared in a recent interview. “But he is very gentle. He said like, ‘Please take this. It is what it is. There are no strings attached.’ It was more an affectionate thing with what he remembers of his own work.”


Source: Comicbook, Simplenews

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