“It didn’t look great that he was dating her”: Harry Styles On Track to Get Blacklisted By Hollywood as Insider Claims Execs Not Happy With Singer Dating Olivia Wilde

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde have garnered major headlines this year ever since their movie, Don’t Worry Darling came to public attention. That eventually led to the major drama that surrounded the film resulting in bad PR which affected not just the movie but the celebrities starring in it as well. This could become a serious issue for the singer-actor who is still rising in the acting industry.

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde
Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde

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The 28-year-old singer has been making headlines for a while involving his personal and professional life. He was recently seen in two films, Don’t Worry Darling and My Policemen. Apart from that, his dating life is also a hot topic especially when his beau’s former nanny has spilled the beans about her employer’s dating drama.

Harry Styles Might Be Backlisted from Hollywood

Harry Styles
English actor Harry Styles

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As per the new reports by The Sun, the actor, Harry Styles due to the recent controversies has acquired a negative image especially due to his acting career which could get him into serious trouble. Celebrity crisis management expert Lauren Beeching told the outlet, “Reputation is everything in Hollywood and negative backlash can work one of two ways.”

Sharing how the One Direction alum is reportedly being mocked for his acting which could backlist him from the industry. “First it can blacklist you from any other opportunity in the film industry – now that Harry’s being mocked for his alleged bad acting abilities – this could make directors nervous about casting him, and second, as they say, all press is good press.”

Sharing how Styles has developed a bad PR for acting due to the recent drama involving his beau, Olivia Wilde, it could turn into a long-term issue if the actor decides to leave the current PR issues.

How Dating Olivia Wilde Made an Impact on His Career?

Harry Styles for Rolling Stone
Harry Styles for Rolling Stone

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The singer-actor already has a massive fan following due to his singing profession. He gained international fame through One Direction, of which he was a member. He decided to further chase his career by being a soloist and maintaining his fan base however things are going in the wrong direction ever since his romantic link with the filmmaker got public.

As he was dating Wilde, many troubles came their way including the controversy which included that the pair used to spend too much time together neglecting their work. That arose further tension on the set.

The crisis management expert shared that the couple could have concealed their relationship as him being the lead dating his film’s director could lead to many instances which are now in public amid the controversies.

“It didn’t look great that he was dating the director and was cast as one of the leading roles in Olivia‘s film, so they should have avoided this relationship going public.” Beeching explained, So many jokes and judgment surround Harry ‘sleeping with the boss’ and saying this is how he got the role.”

Things got spicier when Wilde’s former nanny claimed that her former lover, Jason Sudeikis was devastated when he got to know about the filmmaker’s new romance. However, the former couple in a joint statement shared that the claims are untrue.

Source: The Sun

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