‘It Is a Lie’: Shakira on the Clear as Roberto Gómez Bolaños’ Widow Florinda Meza Clarifies Media’s Inventing Stories, She Never Sued Shakira

Shakira has been left devastated since information about Gerard Piqué publicly dating Carla Chia Marti surfaced online. She had never expected Piqué to be like this. His actions had caught her off-guard. She even faces the alarming prospect of a long-drawn custody battle with her ex-partner. The threat of a looming tax evasion lawsuit also weighs upon her. And add to that a lawsuit for copying a dance move. You have a recipe for disaster. And Shakira has no other option but to cope with a never-ending list of problems.

Shakira is looking at the prospect of facing another lawsuit

Shakira might have to deal with another lawsuit

A rumor related to Shakira had been doing the rounds on the internet. It was believed that she would have to face legal action for copying a step from the character of The Kid from the Eight. In the song, Te felicito, Chespirito’s character, whenever he was afraid or scared, would find himself caught in a state of paralysis. And just before being paralyzed, he would perform a routine dance step.

It was alleged by the rumor mongers that Shakira had imitated that step. The same information also found mentioned in various magazines, wherein it was stated that a lawsuit against the Colombian was possible, who had copied the steps when he gave her the “Garrotera”.

No lawsuit for Shakira now

Florinda Meza confirmed that Shakira will not be facing a lawsuit

But the truth is there is no real weight behind these rumors. It was rumored that Florinda Meza planned the lawsuit because the Colombian star imitated the steps of Chespirito’s character in the song he sings as a duet with Rauw Alejandro. But Florinda Meza confirmed that the claims were all bogus.

“To all public opinion: The news that I am going to sue Shakira is FALSE. Sometimes, to sell or gain likes, the media and social networks invent stories. There is no basis for this news. I have never stated anything about it. It is a lie. Florinda Meza,” wrote the widow of the late Roberto Gómez Bolaños.

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Florinda Meza clarifies that she will not be filing another lawsuit

Shakira might leave Spain
Shakira is offered a reprieve by Florinda Meza

Florinda Meza had to confirm that she hadn’t filed any complaint, and nor had the intention to do so. She said, “You are right, but, believe it or not, I was called by several journalists to know if it was true. And many fans asked me seriously. And if I’m clarifying it now, it’s because they started telling me to please not sue her, as if that were real.”

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Shakira has been facing trouble coping mentally and had to seek a psychologist’s help. It is reported that she had to take expert help to find out the truth about Piqué.

But all fans are on her side. And the custody battle is still not decided. It remains to be seen what course it’ll take.

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Source: Marca

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