“It is extremely forbidden”: Michelle Yeoh Deletes Instagram Post After ‘Venting Out’ Against Hollywood Ahead of 95th Academy Awards

Michelle Yeoh just barely escaped receiving a warning from the Academy. 

The Everywhere Everything All at Once nominee came under fire on Tuesday for allegedly breaking the ‘Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ “References to Other Nominees” rule after it was claimed that she posted a picture of a Vogue article suggesting that Cate Blanchett doesn’t require a third Oscar. Both Yeoh and Tár actress and nominee, Blanchett, 53, are the highest probable expects to win this year’s Best Actress award.

The Malaysian actress made headlines when she posted excerpts from a Vogue article on her Instagram page. As per reports, the 60-year-old actress uploaded the picture to her Instagram account just hours before the official Oscar voting ended.

Michelle Yeoh
Michelle Yeoh

However, as per new reports, Yeoh has taken down the divisive Instagram post in which she shared a link to an article. It allegedly draws attention to the lack of diversity at the Academy Awards. 

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Michelle Yeoh Deleted The ‘Forbidden’ Post About Cate Blanchett

Just before Sunday’s Oscars, more conflict has emerged behind the scenes. And once again, social media is involved.

Michelle Yeoh is reportedly the first Asian woman to be nominated for best actress in the nearly 90-year span since it began. However, she might have broken the rules by disseminating portions of a racially charged article on Tuesday that made reference to Cate Blanchett, a two-time winner and her closest rival in the category.

The article in Vogue, “It’s Been Over Two Decades Since We’ve Had a Non-White Best Actress Winner,” discusses the lack of diversity in the Academy Awards voting body and how they view actors who resemble them.

Have a look at her since deleted Instagram Post.

Yeoh since deleted Instagram post
Michelle Yeoh’s since-deleted Instagram post

The author of the article pointed out that Blanchett, a white woman, has already won two Oscars. One for The Aviator from 2005 and another for Blue Jasmine from 2014. The Australian actress, 53, is currently starring in the psychological thriller Tár.

On the other hand, Yeoh has also received many awards this season for her leading role in Everything Everywhere All at Once, including the Screen Actors Guild, and Independent Spirit Awards.

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The Important Role Of Social Media in 2023 Oscar Voting

The influence that social media has on the Academy’s decision-making has come under increased scrutiny as voting for this year’s Oscars began on Tuesday. Social media users claimed that the post may have broken several of the Academy’s rules, most notably Rule 11 titled ‘References to Other Nominees.’ Any strategy that specifically mentions “the competition by name or title is expressly forbidden,” according to the policy.

Since the Malaysian actress’ Instagram post has been removed, it’s allegedly impossible to say whether any harm was done. Variety claimed that Michelle Yeoh “should rest easy” because

Andrea Riseborough didn’t face consequences for their possible violations in January that remain unclear via the Academy’s rules and regulations.”

Michelle Yeoh
Michelle Yeoh (Instagram)

Senior movie critic for the New York Daily News, Peter Sblendorio, predicted Yeoh would win. The Academy is expected to review and possibly update its social media guidelines, which were developed before the popularity of Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms.

For the record, Halle Berry, who played the lead in the Lee Daniels-produced drama Monster’s Ball in 2002, is still the only person of color to win the best actress Oscar in the 94-year history of the ceremony.

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Source- Variety

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