“It was either that or robbing someone”: Sylvester Stallone Reveals He Was Forced to Do Adult Movies to Survive Before His Rocky Fame Made Him a Millionaire

American actor and filmmaker Sylvester Stallone is a well-acclaimed superstar who has entertained the audience for a long time, he is well known for portraying his role in the Rocky series which gave him his greatest critical and commercial success as an actor and screenwriter. He went on to give his iconic performances in various films including the Rambo series, The Expendables films series, Cobra, and many others.

Sylvester Stallone
American actor Sylvester Stallone

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With his newly released Samaritan, the 76-year-old star is moving towards his fifth decade as an actor, however, the successfully acclaimed superstar was once an unknown personality who had to go through many struggles before landing into the Rocky series, which included forcing to work in an adult movie.

Sylvester Stallone was Underpaid in The Adult Movie

Sylvester Stallone
A still of Sylvester Stallone from the Rambo series

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The star’s first acting gig was the 1970s adult film The Party at Kitty and Stud’s, which is a soft p**n movie helmed by Morton Lewis. Sharing in an interview with Playboy the actor shared that he was in a tough spot at that time, and was even underpaid in that movie.

Stating about his condition he shared, “I was also starving when I did it. I’d been bounced out of my apartment and had spent four nights in a row at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, trying to avoid the cops, trying to get some sleep, and keeping my pens and books in a 25-cent locker.”

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“It was either do that movie or rob, someone because I was at the end —the very end — of my rope,” he added. “Instead of doing something desperate, I worked two days for $200 and got myself out of the bus station.” 

Though no one really focused on the movie at that time, it was released many years later and renamed Italian Stallion. 

A Brief Note on Slyvester Stallone’s Latest Film Samaritan

Samaritan featuring Sylvester Stallone
Samaritan featuring Sylvester Stallone

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Written by Bragi F. Schut, Samaritan is a dark genre superhero movie directed by Julius Avery, starring Sylvester Stallone along with Javon Walton, Pilou Asbæk, Martin Starr, Moises Arias, and Dascha Polanco. Stallone is playing the character of a prominent superhero who goes missing after an epic battle with Javon Walton playing the role of a young boy who realizes the fact that the famed superhero may still be around.

Originally delayed due to the pandemic, the movie is not doing well among the critics, it currently holds a 26% score on rotten tomatoes and is getting mixed reviews about the same. Even after the movie’s getting average performance, the superstar is unscathed by the results as fans are still supporting the actor and know the amount of dedication he puts into his role.

Samaritan is now streaming on Prime Video.

Source: Playboy

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