“It was like a funeral for my previous life”: Amber Heard’s Alleged Ex Cara Delevingne Has Washed Off All Connections To Her Past Life and Toxic Relationships After Drug Addiction Almost Crippled Her

Last year, Cara Delevingne made multiple headlines. She was engaged in erratic behavior while interacting with American rapper, singer-songwriter, and record producer, Doja Cat on a red carpet. After that, the Carnival Row actress was photographed in the airport looking miserable, which made people wonder if she was ill. During this time, a different set of images also appeared to show her unraveling around her friend, Margot Robbie.

Now, several months later, the actress has opened up about what happened at the time. 

Cara Delevingne has spoken candidly about how she began to maintain sobriety after paparazzi photos of her in an airport quickly went viral.

During her cover story interview with Vogue, the 30-year-old model recently discussed the photographs that were taken at Los Angeles’ Van Nuys Airport last year. Her appearance in the photos, which the publication described as “disheveled and distressed,” led some of her fans to speculate about her mental state.

Cara Delevingne
Cara Delevingne

She still had to speak about it for all her worried fans, though. What actually took place?

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Cara Delevingne Finally Addressed ‌‘Infamous Airport Viral Photos’

In a recent interview with Vogue, Cara Delevingne talked about her past issues. The alleged ex of Amber Heard opened up about mental illness and addiction in a vulnerable conversation. The English model and actress also discussed how she realized she was “not okay” at the age of 30 and why she was taking her recovery “second by second” in the April issue of Vogue. She proclaimed,

“I hadn’t slept. I was not okay. It’s heartbreaking because I thought I was having fun, but at some point, it was like, okay, I don’t look well.”

Those images were, in a sense, something she was to be thankful for, as the Paper Towns actor felt that it was a rare chance for us to just “need a reality check.”

Cara Delevingne 2022 Met Gala
Cara Delevingne 2022 Met Gala

As it turned out, Delevingne eventually became aware of her condition and made the decision to contact all of her dependable childhood friends. Staying close to one’s friends and family is the best way for a substance abuser to maintain sobriety. “I told myself, ‘I should be having such a good time. I’ve got all my friends here. I need to be enjoying this.”

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She Got Her Reality Check!

Despite seeking treatment at a facility, Cara Delevingne discovered that the encouragement of her loved ones sped up her recovery. That ought to be the case in this situation at all times. Delevingne believes that the people who help the most are your closest friends and family members.

“I was welcoming in this new time but I was also grieving. It was like a funeral for my previous life, a goodbye to an era. And so I decided I was going to party as hard as I could because this was the end. From September, I just needed support. From September, I just needed support.”

Additionally, the model revealed that many of her old friends contacted her after seeing her paparazzi photos going viral. But according to her, she found it difficult to accept their unwavering support.

Cara Delevingne
Cara Delevingne

For the unheard, back in 2022, disturbing footage and pictures of Cara Delevingne caused all of her fans to get scared. All eyes were on her because it seemed like she was going through a difficult time, and her appearance worried her fans, friends, and family. It was eventually discovered that she was experiencing a severe drug abuse crisis. Later, Delevingne decided to seek medical help and finish her recovery.

And now that she has fully recovered, in 2023, Cara Delevingne has already started to appear at award shows and red-carpet events. 

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Source- Vogue

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