‘It was never about the money’: Amber Heard Reportedly Turned Down Millions of Euros From Johnny Depp Despite Legal Counsel, Wanted To Go For Trial To Prove Innocence

Amber Heard is continuing to fight to prove her innocence even after two months since the trial. The actress recently filed a motion to appeal the defamation trial. However, it doesn’t seem like any of her efforts would be successful. The actress owes $10.35 million to Johnny Depp, and recently, the actress also filed for bankruptcy. However, according to the recently released court documents, the actress rejected the chance to earn millions during the trial.

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Amber Heard denied Johnny Depp’s money to prove her innocence

Amber Heard and her lawyers
Amber Heard with her team of lawyers.

According to the documents, the Aquaman actress rejected to keep fifty percent of the total money that Johnny Depp earned for the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The reason behind her refusal was that she wanted to prove to the court that she wasn’t after the actor’s money and instead wished to get justice. If the actress had accepted the offer, she would have tens of millions of euros in her bank account right now.

Moreover, since Johnny Depp continued to work on the movie during their marriage, and the two stars didn’t share their possessions. This indicates that the movie’s revenue is a property asset in California.

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Internet riling up against Amber Heard once again

Amber Heard
Amber Heard subjected to more hate after the release of court documents

Ever since the release of more than 6000 pages of documents, fans have played the judge again on the internet, and to no one’s surprise, the majority of the opinions are against the actress.

It seems that the release of the documents has reignited the fire over the case again.

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Amber Heard’s fans come to her rescue with evidence from court documents

Amber Heard
Some fans continue to show support to the actress

However, there are some that continue to support Amber Heard and are using the release of court documents to their advantage.

It is unlikely that people will stop caring about the trial anytime soon since new information keeps coming out, making the fans question which one of the two to support.

Source: Marca

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