“It was obvious they were trying to avoid each other”: Alex Rodriguez Created a Shocking Technique to Keep Cameron Diaz Relationship Private Before His High Profile Affair With Jennifer Lopez

While one of Alex Rodriguez’s most notorious relationships is easily his engagement with Jennifer Lopez, he is also notorious to have dated quite a few A-list ladies out there. The baseball shortstop has been involved with names like Kate Hudson, Torrie Wilson, and according to rumors, even Madonna. Another of his more casual affair was with one of his former fiancée, JLo’s alleged nemesis – Cameron Diaz.

Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz: A sneaky affair

Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez
Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez

The romance between Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz started budding in 2010, but the nascent couple found the paparazzi and media attention pretty uncalled for. They didn’t want to attract any undue rumor-mongering about themselves out there. And they went to extreme limits to achieve just that.

A-Rod and The Holiday actress attended an NYC party together in 2010 but deliberately avoided any interaction to dodge the media’s eye. It was CC Sabathia’s 30th birthday party at the 40/40 club in New York and as per reports, everyone was subliminally noticing the two. PEOPLE reported,

“It was obvious that they were deliberately avoiding each other. The two of them seemed hyper-aware that everybody was staring at them, waiting for them to interact.”

Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez went on to date briefly in 2010-11
Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez went on to date briefly

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The report further suggested that despite maintaining a safe distance, there was a palpable connection between the two. They weren’t immediately next to each other but “were within each other’s eyesight the entire night”. 

The extremities that a celebrity couple goes through… Of course, the two had only begun seeing each other and were wary of making any headlines just yet. As per reports, all they wanted was to have a nice time at a party and not have it become news.

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A brief love affair

Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz
Glimpses of the brief affair

The Bad Teacher star and Rodriguez weren’t in it for the long haul and eventually went their separate ways in 2011. It was a brief love affair that ended reportedly due to the duo’s busy work schedule and commitment to their career. A source revealed at the time,

“She’s very busy with her career. And he’s had injuries and wants to focus on his game. They’re dedicated professionals.”

There were no hard feelings between the separated couple either. Rodriguez even told PEOPLE soon after his split, “I have a lot of love for Cameron.”

The Charlie’s Angels actress went on to marry musician Benji Madden in 2015, whereas Rodriguez is currently in a relationship with fitness influencer Jaclyn Cordeiro.

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