‘It was opening a can of worms’: Superman & Lois Creator Reveals Why Show is Not Part of Arrowverse

Superman & Lois is a CW series revolving around the adventures of Superman and Lois, hence the name. Previously, the series famously used to be a part of the DC Arrowverse. Teaming up with the other DC series airing on the CW to form the Arrowverse. However, Todd Helbing, the showrunner of Superman & Lois has made it clear that his show will no longer be taking part in the main continuity of the Arrowverse and will have its own independent universe to operate in.

Superman & Lois and their exit from the Arrowverse

Superman & Lois
Superman & Lois

Showrunner Todd Helbing stated in an interview with The Flash PodcastOriginally, if you look at the original script [for the pilot episode] — I think it’s online somewhere — there are a lot of references to [Arrowverse crossover ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths‘], with Clark and his family because of it.” he said. “We went from having one infant to two teenage boys, that was a huge part of it. But it just felt like, it was opening a can of worms and required so much explanation to, someone like, let’s say, my mom, a new audience member, that it wasn’t going to play in the way that we originally intended. So Greg [Berlanti,] and I, along with The CW, Warner Bros., and DC, we just started to pull all those references out.

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Todd Helbing’s explanation behind the reason for Superman & Lois separating   the Arrowverse continuity

Crisis On Infinite Earths
Crisis On Infinite Earths

The showrunner further went on to say “Then I had a conversation with DC, in Season 1 about this, there was a desire to put our own stamp on the Superman mythology and just have it be able to function on its own.

Todd Helbing continued. “But the more we got through Season 1 and the end of Season 2, it’s just felt more honest to not have it be on the same planet. I think when all the other [Arrowverse] shows were on at the same time, it was easier to do references like The Flash in Central City and Supergirl in National City… Unfortunately, now that these other shows are no longer going to be on the air, it just didn’t feel like it was gonna be rewarding. I’m sure there’s gonna be some fans out there that are upset. I totally understand, but I think the decision was just made to keep our show on a different planet and do the best we can.

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What will be in store for the show now that it has left the main continuity

Tyler Hoechlin's Clark Kent
Tyler Hoechlin’s Clark Kent

It was only just established by the Superman & Lois Season 2 conclusion, “Waiting for Superman,” that the series is set on a different Earth from the rest of the Arrowverse. Many viewers believed that the show was based on Earth-Prime before this episode aired, the same setting for The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. However, a line of dialogue spoken by General Sam Lane in “Waiting for Superman” makes it plain that the Man of Steel is the sole active superhero in the world of Superman & Lois now.

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