“It wasn’t appropriate for her to be at Balmoral”: King Charles III Reportedly Asked Harry to Not Bring Meghan Markle During Queen Elizabeth’s Last Moments Amidst Troubled Relationship

The Meghan Markle vs Royal Family feud is not a secret of any sort. Markle has long been vocal about the alleged discriminatory treatment meted out to her and her kids by her husband’s family. It is for these reasons that it was a matter of great curiosity as to how the dynamics between the Duchess of Sussex and the rest of the royal family would play out if and when the two come face to face again.

One can assume that the death of a monarch is reason enough for the entire family to get together, keeping their differences aside, but it seems that Charles, now the King of the United Kingdom had other plans.

Meghan Markle was an unwelcome presence when Queen Elizabeth II was dying according to King Charles III
Even after Queen Elizabeth II’s death, the feud with Meghan Markle continues

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King Charles didn’t want Meghan Markle beside his dying mother

According to reports, King Charles had said to Prince Harry that “it wasn’t right” for his wife, Meghan Markle to be present with Elizabeth II while she was dying.

When the doctors announced on Thursday that they were “concerned” about the Queen’s critical state of health, members of the royal family started flying to Elizabeth II’s Balmoral estate to, as many had correctly guessed, be with her during her last moments.

Prince Charles III did not want Meghan Markle to come to Balmoral when Queen Elizabeth II was dying
The new king Charles III reportedly did not want the Duchess of Sussex besides his dying mother

However, it seems like Meghan Markle would have been an unwanted mourner besides the Queen’s deathbed, as an insider told The Sun.

“Charles told Harry that it wasn’t right or appropriate for Meghan to be in Balmoral at such a deeply sad time. It was pointed out to him that Kate [Middleton] was not going and that the numbers really should be limited to the very closest family.”

The source further added that the Queen’s eldest son “made it very, very clear Meghan would not be welcome.”

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“She might not be terribly warmly welcomed”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reconciliation with Royal Family possible?
Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reconcile with the royal family?

According to a previous report by Page Six, Meghan Markle and Harry originally had plans to visit the Queen together. But their plan changed just half an hour later when official news of the Duke of Sussex flying to Balmoral alone broke out.

Only a few days ago, Markle had given a shocking interview to The Cut, where she had yet again shared the plight she had to face at the hands of the royal family. The Suits actor expressed how “just by existing,” she and her husband were supposedly “upsetting the dynamic of the hierarchy.”

BBC’s royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell said on Thursday, about Markle: “She might not be terribly warmly welcomed, to be perfectly candid about it.”

Another insider told The Post, “Tensions were so high and there was no way Meghan could have gone to Balmoral.”

However, despite all the drama, or maybe just for the sake of pretense, Charles expressed a positive message for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. On Friday, in his first public address as the King of the UK and the Commonwealth, King Charles III said, “I want to express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives overseas.”

It remains to be seen if the Queen’s demise will bring about any change in the family feud or if Markle and Harry will take back their royal titles and claim their rightful places as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, again.

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Source: Page Six

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