“It would be a privilege and honor”: Taylor Swift Reveals She’s Waiting For The Perfect Script To Make Her Directorial Debut

Taylor Swift recently made a short film last year featuring Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien and herself. Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien play a dysfunctional relationship in the short film, All Too Well. We witness the development of their relationship as well as how uncertain it is before it finally breaks down.

The film was inspired by her 10-minute song of the same name. The singer recently expressed how she wants to take another step toward filmmaking. The only condition required for the singer to become a director once more would be to have the perfect script. With the recent announcement of the singer releasing her new album, Taylor Swift proves that her creativity is not going anywhere. The filmmaking aspect may still be new to the singer. However, that is not something that will slow down the singer by any means.

Taylor Swift and her short film All Too Well

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift with Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink

Several sequences in the film are taken directly from the lyrics of All Too Well. Taylor Swift plays the elder version of Sadie Sink’s character as the story flashes forward 13 years in the movie. She is now an author and is giving a reading from her book, All Too Well, as Dylan O’Brien’s character can see through the window.

The 15-minute film has definitely caught the attention of many. It even went on to get three awards. One for best lyrics, one for best direction, and one for the music video of the year. The singer even touched on the fact that she already has a lot of resources and finances that support her. Which in turn, made the filmmaking process a lot smoother. The singer addressed this by stating “There are people who are working so hard to get financing and to get any kind of budget together. I bow down and tip my hat to those female filmmakers.”

Clearly, the singer recognizes how much time and effort goes into making these films. Especially for those who may not have all the resources to do so in the first place. Thus, the respect that Taylor Swift shows for them is extremely humbling and appreciated.

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Taylor Swift wants to take another step toward filmmaking

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

The singer recently revealed that All Too Well has encouraged the singer to come back into the directors’ seat. “I would love to keep taking baby steps forward.” said the singer when talking about her future in filmmaking.

“But I’m at a place where the next baby step is not a baby step. It would be committing to make a film.” Taylor Swift wants to become a lot more serious for her next film. She hints at the fact that the next film project may be a full-length film. The dedication and time required for that is something the singer is ready to give. However, the singer is waiting on the perfect script for her next film project. “I would love for the right opportunity to arise. I adore telling stories this way. If it were the right thing, it would be a privilege and an honor.” said the singer about her thoughts on her next film.

“I would absolutely love to expand in terms of filmmaking and storytelling. It’s a natural extension of my writing, and as long as I can keep doing all of the natural extensions of my writing. Doing shows is a natural extension of my writing. I love that too.”

The creativity that Taylor Swift pens down for her songs can easily be transferred onto the silver screen. As the singer proved this with her short film inspired by her song All Too Well. Therefore, her passion for filmmaking may arguably have grown to the extent of being equal to her passion for making songs.

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The singer recently announced her upcoming album

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

When Taylor Swift revealed that she would be releasing a new album, Midnights, she once again shocked her fans. The singer made the revelation through her Instagram not long after she won big at the MTV Video Music Awards, taking home the coveted Video of the Year award, Best Direction, and Best Long-form Video, demonstrating her enduring power as an artist.

The Wildest Dreams singer announced that her new album, titled Midnights will be released on October 21st, 2022 during the VMAs on Sunday night.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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