Itachi vs. Minato: 5 Reasons The Uchiha Prodigy Wins (& 5 Why The Yellow Flash Is The Victor)

The two shinobis of the Naruto world with probably no haters, Minato Namikaze and Itachi Uchiha are literal Gods of the Shinobi world. We have never seen them trade fists in battle. What if they do? Who would win – Itachi or Minato?

Itachi: Tsukoyomi

The best trick a magician could pull off was one even the audience could not be aware of until the very last minute. Illusions are a weapon of choice for many ninjas in the Shinobi world. But no one could master it the way Itachi Uchiha had. Even without his Sharingan, Itachi could create illusions that seemed extremely life-like and real. True to his pacifist self, Itachi mainly uses Genjutsu in combat to neutralize his opponents without even raising a finger. When combined with the superior illusionary techniques of the Mangekyou Sharingan, Itachi gains the ultimate Genjutsu ability – Tsukoyomi. Via Tsukoyomi, Itachi can affect the enemy’s perception of time, torturing him for days in a make believe world while in the real world, it would just be a matter of seconds.

Minato: The Flying Thunder God Technique (Well, Duh)

Basically a reverse summoning technique, the Flying Thunder God technique was developed by Tobirama senju, the Second Hokage. But it was perfected by Minato Namikaze. By inscribing a special seal on objects, Minato could travel from one place to another, via the seals. The seals served as portals and the Flying Thunder God is classified as a Space-Time technique. If need be, Minato could also bring in other objects and people along with him instantaneously to far off locations. He once defeated an entire army singlehandedly using this signature ability, earning him the Yellow Flash moniker. The Uchiha prodigy would have a hard time dealing with Minato Namikaze once he starts using Flying Thunder God.

Itachi: Wielded The Strongest Susanoo To Ever exist

Itachi awakened his Mangekyou Sharingan after witnessing the death of his best friend Shishui Uchiha. With one eye he could cast Tsukoyomi. With the other he could summon flames called the Amaterasu. These flames could never be extinguished. Using both the Mangekyou Sharingan together allowed him to summon his Susanoo, a massive armored beast of Chakra that was basically the Gundam of the Shinobi world. But Itachi’s Susanoo was different. it possessed special abilities. In its fully unleashed form, Itachi’s Susanoo wielded the Yata Mirror in one hand and the Totsuka blade in another. The former could reflect back any Genjutsu or Ninjutsu thrown its way. The latter possessed the ability to seal anything it cut. When used together, the Susanoo made Itachi a God.

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Minato: Bijuu Mode

Minato gained access to one half of Kurama after he sealed the tailed beast inside a young Naruto. But he could only use it after he was resurrected by Orochimaru using the Reverse Death Reaper Seal. As part of his Jinchuriki transformation, Minato gained incredibly high amounts of chakra reserves and superhuman physical attributes. He could also enhance his already impressive techniques by pumping in more chakra into them. Tailed Beast Mode and Tailed Beast Balls are a piece of cake for him to master. As an involuntary side effect of the Jinchuriki transformation, it is extremely difficult for Minato to fall into Genjustu. Kurama would just forcefully disrupt the chakra flow inside him and snap Minato out of the trance, something Killer Bee and the Eight Tailed Beast are already known to do.

Itachi: Better Analytical Skills

While both Minato and Itachi have a superhuman battle sense and strategic mindset, Itachi has a severe advantage in this field. It is mainly because of his Sharingan. His Kekkei Genkai amplifies his analytical thinking in battle. Able to quickly find out the flaws in opponents’ plans and striking back at their weakest links with the least possible effort is somewhat of a forte of Itachi Uchiha. While Minato is just as proficient in this field, the Uchiha prodigy scores better also due to the fact that he blossomed at a very young age compared to even Minato. Itachi was 3 years younger to Minato when he passed the Chunin Exams. By the tender age of 7, his power levels were considered to be just as high as any Kage.

Minato: Fastest Shinobi Of All Time

Minato’s Flying Thunder God technique combined with his skills with the Body displacement and Body Flicker made him the fastest shinobi of all time. Only people who are truly gifted with superhuman reflexes could even hope to counter Konoha’s yellow Flash once he decides to get serious. His speed is also complimented by his Sensory type abilities. Many do not know this but Minato is widely regarded as one of the greatest sensory type ninjas to ever exist. His sensory range is large enough to cover the entire Leaf Village. A combination of his sensory prowess along with the Flying Thunder God and the Body Flicker make him without a doubt the fastest being of the shinobi world.

Itachi: Izanami

One of the greatest trump cards in Itachi’s arsenal is a secret Sharingan technique called the Izanami. It was a counter to the more dangerous Izanagi. Izanagi turns imagination into reality. It can nullify any damage done to the Sharingan user at the Sharingan’s expense. Izanami on the other hand is based on an opposing philosophy. It traps the enemy in a time loop until and unless the enemy accepts defeat. Both are derived from the Creation Of all Things technique. Minato Namikaze may be fast but even he cannot escape a time loop once he is trapped inside.

Minato: Absolute Mastery Of Sealing Techniques

While Fuinjutsu is not regarded as an offensive capability that could be used in battle, it is still a useful auxiliary skill. When Itachi faced off against Lord Jiraiya, the latter used a sealing technique to seal the Amaterasu flames the former launched at him. Using a sealing technique, the Amaterasu flames of the Uchiha prodigy could be easily dealt with. Minato has learnt sealing techniques from Jiraiya and Kushina. In battle, a well-placed seal could be used as an excellent trap to take down Itachi (if the latter manages to fall for the ruse that is.)

Itachi: Prodigious Reaction Time

Itachi’s quick reaction time is the stuff of legends. The technique of Kirin, considered to be the fastest lightning based Jutsu in existence, is arguably hundreds of times faster than the speed of sound itself. The only person who has proven to be quick enough to dodge it is Itachi Uchiha. From performing hand signs even Sasuka and kakashi could not follow through with their Sharingan to countering Killer Bee’s eight sword style, Itachi’s superhuman reflexes are extraordinarily gifted, even by Uchiha standards. This gives him quite an edge against Minato, who likes attacking opponents from their blind spots.

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Minato: Senjutsu

While Itachi has his Sharingan to boast, Minato Namikaze has several unique techniques at his disposal. Konoha’s Yellow Flash is one of the few Shinobis to have unlocked the secrets of Senjutsu – Natural Chakra Absorption. Unlike Naruto and Jiraiya’s sage Modes, Minato’s Sage transformation is perfect in its entirety. It not only gives him a humongous boost in chakra but also increases his stamina and endurance in combat. The sage mode also activates a form of extra sensory perception within the user, giving Minato an added advantage. Just like the Sharingan, Minato too gains a heightened battle sense when in Sage Mode.

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