‘It’s a bad day to be Hailey Bieber’: Build-A-Bear Trolls Hailey Bieber’s ‘Nepo Baby’ Crop Top By Making Own Teddy Bear Wear The Shirt

Hailey Bieber has been making headlines since last week due to a special piece of clothing she flaunted to showcase the privilege she is entitled to in the Hollywood industry. The major debates regarding “nepo baby” surfaced when a few outlets started unveiling cover stories about Hollywood’s nepo babies who have significant connections in the industry.

Hailey Baldwin Bieber
Hailey Baldwin Bieber

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Instead of not addressing those reports, the wife of the famed pop star, Justin Bieber, decided to flaunt the cheeky title on her t-shirt on front. It caused major controversy on its own, with the American retailer, Build-A-Bear Workshop, deciding to put their teddy on display with the same message!

Build-A-Bear Mega Trolls Hailey Bieber for Her ‘Nepo Baby’ Stunt

Build-A-Bear trolled Hailey Bieber
Build-A-Bear Instagram account

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American teddy bears and other stuffed animals retailing company, Build-A-Bear Workshop recently shared an adorable picture of their pink teddy bears on Instagram with the baby garnering the most attention. In the picture, the baby bear was sported wearing a white crop t-shirt with “Nepo Baby” printed on it. That piece of clothing is just the same as what the American model flaunted a few days ago.

With the post on Instagram, they captioned,

“When the internet is debating Nepotism Babies and you’re just over here being adorable.”

In addition to the caption, they also mentioned that the t-shirts are not for sale. With their recent stunt, it was pretty clear whom they are referring to. Many fans couldn’t hold themselves back from commenting on their latest stunt.

Decidedly, they went to Twitter and expressed their opinions on the same.

With days going by, it seems that Hailey Bieber‘s nepo baby stunt won’t be dismissed anytime soon. Here’s a brief of why she is in the highlights recently.

Hailey Bieber’s Kickstarted New Year With Nepo Baby Controversy

Hailey Bieber
Hailey Bieber in a Nepo Baby T-shirt

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The 26-year-old model is known for her bold fashion statements, however, her choice to wear the “Nepo Baby” printed t-shirt was absolutely not a good choice, as it sparked major controversy.

On January 6th, she was photographed walking through a parking garage in LA with the controversial word written on it. Nepo baby is the slang for nepotism baby which is used for the children of famous or well-connected parents in a industry. It is controversial as children from famous families usually get early exposure than those who start their careers from scratch.

The model herself has good connections in Hollywood, not just because of her modeling career but being the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin and model Kennya Deodato. Even her family members also have good connections. Her husband is a global pop star, which also adds further weightage to her name. That majorly gives her a level of privilege which usually would be very difficult for someone who is just starting their career without any background.

Source: Build-A-Baby

Priya Sharma
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