It’s a Heartbreaking News That Cyborg Did Not Release In Cinemas Today!

DC’s Cyborg movie was scheduled for a release date today. However, due to unforeseen circumstances the release for today has been cancelled. The movie was seen to feature Ray Fisher and was supposed to be his first solo movie. What must have actually made the release stop? Let’s find out the reason.

Cyborg fails to release in Cinemas today!

Cyborg was all set to release on the 3rd of April
A still from Cyborg

Warner Bros had promised that after the release of Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice that it announced numerous standalone movies. Along the various movies that saw success, the fate of the movie Cyborg seems to be in question.The role played by Ray Fisher held a greater meaning in Justice League.

Ray Fisher is known for his role in Justice League!

Ray Fisher deserves a chance to feature in a solo film
A glimpse of Ray Fisher

The movie Cyborg had a release date of 3rd April, 2020 however the film did not show up in theaters. The reason is somewhat not linked only to the coronavirus pandemic.The film was announced in the year 2014. However, it was seen that no efforts were being made by Warner Bros in actually filming the movie. The gap of almost 6 years.

Ray Fisher deserves a Solo Film!

His most memorable work was seen in Justice League
A still from Justice League

Around 10 films were announced at the same time. The others had identified directors however this film was never assigned a director. A key factor could be due to the high budget required in designing the Cyborg suit.The movie not releasing today might have heartbroken Fisher since he had certain expectations from the film.

The fans who saw him in Justice League would be disappointed to know that the film will not release on the said date.With this move, the chances of Ray Fisher featuring in a solo film might be in question. However, only time will tell would the movie Cyborg ever make it to the big screen.

Here’s an animated video that related to Cyborg’s origin:

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