‘It’s a perfectly reasonable decision’: Narcissistic Beyoncé Reportedly Decided To Write Essays About Her Life, Refused Interviews as ‘They Don’t Contribute as Dazzlingly to the Portrait of Beyoncé’

Interviews can be quite nerve-wracking and people can end up in tricky situations. While oftentimes celebrities face awkward questions during interviews, most people shrug them off and move forward. However, some celebrities fail to ignore the awkward situations and therefore start avoiding interviews. Looking back to embarrassing moments during interviews, we can clearly tick off Beyoncé’s interview with Extra as an unpleasant one. 

Beyonce avoids interviews and awkward questions

Since the singer’s interview with Extra went wrong on many levels, she seems to be avoiding any such further situations. Beyoncé is keeping herself away from interviews of any sort so as to avoid embarrassing questions, instead, the singer chooses to write essays. 

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Beyoncé avoids interviews and chooses to write personal essays 

Ever since Beyoncé faced awkward questions while interviewing with Extra, she has been keeping her life private. She is rarely seen in any interview which is evidently frustrating other celebrities linked to her, such as Kelly Rowland, who got frustrated with being constantly asked about Beyoncé. 

Celebrities rarely have the privilege of keeping their lives private, therefore whatever happens in and around their lives, they are constantly questioned about those incidents. Be it a loved one’s demise, a breakup, or even health issues. Similarly, Beyoncé faced awkward situations while interviewing with Extra‘s AJ Calloway. Her brief interview which was supposed to be about herself kept getting heated with each personal question thrown at her related to Jay-Z. 

Beyonce gets annoyed with off-topic questions during interviews

Interpreting from different perspectives it can be considered that her interview became awkward because of her narcissistic personality which couldn’t handle questions related to anyone else other than her. In response to her interview, Nicki Swift commented, “She has to be studying how effective her interviews have been so far. She may have decided that they do not contribute as dazzlingly to the portrait of Beyoncé as the other stuff. It’s a perfectly reasonable decision

Beyoncé is reported to find comfort in detailing her life on her own terms, therefore she wishes to keep certain things private, and chooses to rather write personal essays. 

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Beyoncé’s array of awkward questions during interviews

Nothing matches awkward interviews like the ones Beyoncé had with Extra’s AJ Calloway as well as the bizarre one with Tyra Banks. With over 5 million views on YouTube, the interview with Extra was evidently considered an extremely personal one. Beyonce was asked personal questions like “having children” and her cooking talent throughout the interview. Further, the interviewer seemed adamant about bringing up Jay-Z and his ideas about being a father. 

Beyonce chooses to write personal essays rather than attend interviews

Fans seemed to sympathize with Beyoncé after such nerve-wracking interviews. “In her documentary, she admitted of losing her child around that time, later 2009, 2010 yet at that time everyone was asking her about kids,” a fan wrote. Others seemed to point out the differences between man and woman-orientated interviews. “Men get asked questions about their work and women get asked questions about personal topics like babies and relationships. I would be pissed too.” another commented. 

Looking back at those interviews from Beyoncé’s past makes her rethink the dynamics of interviews. The constant array of personal questions and the frustration of being diverted from the point is definitely handled cautiously by Beyoncé. Despite her professionalism in handling awkward situations during interviews, the glam queen seems to rather find peace in writing personal essays. It not only helps her avoid off-topic questions and personal inquiry but also allows her to portray herself better. 

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