“It’s absolutely disrespectful”: Fans Slam Tiktok Star Paige Niemann For Cosplaying As Ariana Grande In Her OnlyFans Account, Internet Defends Her Saying It’s Karma As Grande Has Cosplayed As Black Woman For Her Career

Users of TikTok are likely already familiar with Paige Niemann. Due to her frighteningly convincing impersonations of Ariana Grande, the 18-year-old has amassed more than 1.6 million followers on the platform. The social media celebrity frequently publishes videos in which she mimics Ariana Grande while wearing her outfits. Paige Niemann is one of several teenagers who mimic Ariana Grande on social media, but few of them resemble the singer as much as she does. The model is very much liked on social media for her content, however, things have taken quite the turn after she announced that she is going to be a content creator for OnlyFans as well.

Paige Niemann and Ariana Grande’s history

Paige Niemann
Paige Niemann

She claims that for years, strangers have told her that she resembles Ariana Grande. She has amassed a million followers since she began posting videos on TikTok that replicate the singer’s appearance and demeanor. And this week, the real Ariana Grande reacted to her work by tweeting about Paige Niemann’s TikTok video in which she impersonates a 2019 singer complete with a high pony while mouthing lines from Nickelodeon’s Victorious.

“I am sure she is the sweetest sweet sweetheart forreal!! but it’s definitely bizarre seeing people blend the two worlds lmao.”

Paige Niemann was really surprised when the singer saw her, especially considering how long she had been a fan of Ariana Grande. In earlier TikToks, Paige Niemann may be seen in a room with the pop star’s posters.

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The cosplayer is sending mixed signals

Paige Niemann
Paige Niemann cosplaying as Ariana Grande in her wedding outfit

Paige Niemann has decided to open up an OnlyFans account. Even though the singer has openly acknowledged the model and her ability to look so jarringly similar to her, the model has now taken it up as a career opportunity. Page Niemann made it clear that her OnlyFans account would have no content relating to impersonating or cosplaying any character, however, fans are very confused by what she meant by this as the model is literally a natural doppelganger of Ariana Grande, which means that even if she uploads her own content, it can easily be mistaken for impersonation.

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Twitter seems to be divided about the model cosplaying Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande

The platform seems to be quite divided about Paige Niemann and her OnlyFans account, especially after her bio states “not cosplaying or impersonating”. The model has had quite a response in the comment section after Twitter user @obviousbyari expressed her thoughts on the subject.

One comment defends the model, even though her fame and success have majorly come from appearing similar to the singer, he states that without any actual content uploaded yet, it is unfair to blame the model for impersonating Ariana Grande for her OnlyFans.

While another fan of the singer brings up the fact that Ariana Grande has already stated that she is not comfortable with impersonation and calls the attempt to profit off of an already famous singer’s looks as disgusting.

One comment even points out that this could just be a form of karma for the singer in a tit-for-tat move.

In another back and forth of opinions, a fan brought up the history of Paige Niemann going as far as to cosplay the singer in her wedding dress for content.

Clearly, many fans have their own take on the subject of how to deal with this news. Most of the confusion that is creating chaos on Twitter for the model and the singer will easily be dissolved after Paige Niemann uploads her first post on OnlyFans which would then provide some clarity to what is looking to create on that platform.

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