‘It’s as disgusting for women to objectify men’: Gilmore Girls Star Scott Patterson Blasts Cult Classic Show for Letting Lauren Graham, Melissa McCarthy Make Him Feel ‘Incredibly Small’

Scott Patterson, who played the diner owner Luke Danes on Gilmore Girls, recently talked about a particular day on the set when he did not feel comfortable while filming a scene. On the latest episode of his podcast, I’m All In, the actor talked about an episode that aired back in April 2003. He mentioned this one particular scene where Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) and her co-worker Sookie St. James (Melissa McCarthy) were talking about Luke’s butt after Sookie accidentally puts her hand on his butt.

Scott Patterson said he felt really embarrassed

Scott Patterson
Scott Patterson in Gilmore Girls

In the podcast, Scott Patterson said he felt like his body was objectified in the episode. He said,

“I realized it wasn’t OK, and it didn’t make me feel comfortable at all. It made me feel really embarrassed, actually. It is infuriating to be treated that way — it is infuriating — because you’re being treated like an object. It’s disturbing, and it’s disgusting, and I had to endure that through that entire scene and many takes. It was all about the butt, the butt, the butt, the butt. When we weren’t filming, we were sitting down — people were still talking about the butt, the butt, the butt. It was the most disturbing time I have ever spent on that set, and I couldn’t wait for that day to be over.”

He found it really difficult to film this in front of the show’s team and felt like it took away his character’s dignity.

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He regrets that he did not oppose it

Scott Patterson
Scott Patterson felt “incredibly small” during the scene

The actor said he was frustrated at himself for not opposing back then about how he felt. He said,

“It’s as disgusting for women to objectify men as it is for men to objectify women, and it’s as harmful. Just because it was 2003 doesn’t mean it was OK. It’s never OK, and I didn’t feel comfortable doing it, and it pissed me off. And I never said anything, so I was angry at myself for never saying anything. But I had this job, and I didn’t want to make waves and all that.”

He also explained that the scene made him feel insignificant and wanted to quit the show.

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He wanted to quit the show

Scott Patterson
The actor wanted to quit the series

Although he is really thankful for the role, he still believes that he should’ve walked away as he felt “incredibly small” during the scene and also said that he felt like “some kind of meat stick.” He said that the role on the show “was a great job and means the world to me,” but the scene made him question why he was doing the series at the time.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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