It’s Confirmed: Stan Lee Will Have A Cameo In This Major DC Movie!

The legend from Marvel Comics, Stan “The Man” Lee is going to DC comics! Yes, you read it right. Through the years, Lee has reached the pop celebrity levels due to his anticipated cameos in all Marvel films whether those films are produced by Marvel, Fox or Sony.

The premier of Teen Titans Go! To The Movies at Comic Con confirmed that Stan Lee would be appearing in a film produced by DC and Warner Bros along with DC Comics Young Heroes. The cameo came as a big surprise as Lee had earlier wished to appear in a DC film. During a conference in Toronto, Lee said:

“I want to do more cameoes. I mean, it’s not necessary if it’s a Marvel movie. I wonder why DC hasn’t called me yet. They could use me!”

The movie would be Lee’s second animated movie in which Lee would make a cameo after Big Hero 6 although he had appeared in various television series in 1980’s and 90’s.

It’s even speculated that he’d be doing a cameo in Spawn and if he does so, he would be the first person to appear in the film versions of all three major comic book companies: Marvel, DC and Image.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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