It’s Iron Man Vs Captain America for A Fan’s Exam

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the greatest comic-book universes of all time. We see many superheroes come and leave a mark in our minds and heart. Above all, whenever an MCU movie comes up, fans go head over heels for it. Yes! That’s how crazy the MCU fan base is.

Similarly, a marvel fan named Emily is somewhat super enthusiastic about her upcoming final exams. And guess what? There’s Captain America: Civil War in the very midst of her exam course.

Is it team Captain or Team Iron Man?

As Emily is a student and she runs a twitter account, which is a marvel fan page on Twitter. However, she showed her ecstasy about how she is going to write a 7-page paper on the socio-economic impact of teaming up with either Captain America or Iron Man.

Even so, there’s so much going around in the movie, the war between the two sides somewhat makes it more homely and familial. People are so cheerful to hear about such a course, and their reactions are nothing but gold.

How does Social media sharpen up Emily’s Marvel’s knowledge?

 Emily took to her Twitter and expressed that social media is a great platform. And it helped her prepare appropriately for this particular exam day. And MCU and its fan pages on twitter are nothing but a battleground of verbal wars.

So it’s better you are all well versed with the comic book and the movie facts. However, if you’re a newbie, you are going to lose. She further added a tweet stating that “twitter had prepared me for this, I just wanna say thanks.”

Marvel’s Synopsis on Captain Vs. IronMan

Iron Man vs Captain America

Though Emily refrained from answering where the University is or naming it due to some issues. However, she feels pretty thankful to social media, which somewhat will help her in the 7-page paper.

Even so, in the movie, there were certain instances of fights between the avengers, which resulted in some severe collateral damage. However, political pressure exalted, which led to the division of the team, and the Civil war began. And Tony blindly supported the government, and Captain stood his ground.


Source:  Comicbook, businessinsider

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