“It’s like you can’t tell him nothing”: $400 Million Rich Kanye West Made TikTok Star Question His Life Choices With His Unparalleled Work Ethics

Kanye West is known by many names, including Ye, Yeezy, and Louis Vuitton Don. He’s the one who’s making a scene at the awards ceremony. He’s the celebrity who is equally loved and despised, his immense talent clashing with his crippling lack of impulse control.

Kanye West’s public persona is well-known: brash, self-assured, braggadocious, and almost sneering. He feeds off all publicity, positive or negative, and it all serves to boost his image even further. West, on the other hand, is incredibly intelligent. Despite all of the attention he receives, we only see what he wants us to see.

Kanye West
Kanye West

This is confirmed by TikTok sensation Mufasa’s comments on the West about his meeting with him after staying on the rapper’s ranch.  

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The TikTok Star Claimed Kanye West Didn’t Want Him To Leave’

Mufasa, a TikTok sensation, told the Daily Star that Kanye West flew him out to his infamous ranch. The TikTok sensation, who rose to prominence with the ‘car dance,’ confessed that he “hung out with West a few times” and that the singer “didn’t want him to leave.”

“Yeah, some celebs have reached out [to me],” the TikTok star, whose real name is Jeff Obeng, said. “One celebrity I got to hang out with was Kanye. He flew me out for a week to his ranch, we got to hang out and chat about many things.”

He went on to describe his meeting with West and how he spends his days. Obeng explained,

“We talked about everything, but it wasn’t really what he said that put a battery in my back. It was more of what he was doing – one moment he would make clothes, then an hour later he made music and then he would have a board meeting all in the same space.”

Kanye West
Kanye West

Mufasa simply went to express his admiration for the rapper and his admirable work ethic. “He [Kanye West] was very driven and it’s like you can’t tell him nothing. If he says he’s going to achieve something, he will get it done – one way or another.”

The viral sensation also revealed that he’s had “quite a few celebrities” contact him, but in terms of music, he’s still looking for the right collaboration.

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Who is Mufasa?

Mufasa has become a household name as a result of his popular TikTok page. But what do we know about this ‌social media dancing sensation? He is best known for his social medias videos which usually go viral. 

His real name is Jeff Obeng, but he goes by Mufasa and uses the handle @cousinskeether on social media. He was born in Ghana and raised in Virginia, United States of America. Mufasa rose to prominence during the coronavirus lockdown despite having been posting videos since 2018. What activities does Mufasa engage in on Instagram and TikTok?

Who is TikTok star Mufasa?
Who is TikTok star Mufasa? Source- Instagram

Mufasa’s TikTok page is filled with a variety of dancing videos. Mufasa’s Instagram page, @cousinskeether, features similar videos as well as posts in which he keeps his followers up to date on his activities. He has approximately 1.5 million Instagram followers.

He is “on a mission to drive a new wave of artistic expressions through humor, dance, and positivity,” according to his website. The household name was in the business for quite some time; having started making videos in 2018.

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Source- Daily Star 

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