“It’s not a surprise he’s dressed up like an abuser”: Machine Gun Kelly Snorts Cocaine Off Megan Fox’s Chest as Couple Dressed Up as Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, Fans Blast Rapper For Idolizing Problematic Musician

While Halloween is celebrated on October 31, many people have been dressing up all weekend. No celebrities go unnoticed on social media, and some have already impressed fans with their original costumes and ideas by posting their pictures. The couple, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox took their Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson costumes to the extreme, recreating a hot, whirlwind romance, and it’s pretty on the nose. Machine Gun Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, 32, and his fiancée, actress Megan Fox, 36, debuted their new look at the Casamigos party.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly
Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

They chose to recreate the celebrity couple Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson’s look from the time they attended the grand opening of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas back in 1995.

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Machine Gun Kelly Snorts Cocaine Off Megan Fox’s Chest At Halloween Party

MGK and Megan Fox as “Pam & Tommy”

Earlier this year, Hulu released ‘Pam & Tommy’ titled mini-series, which followed the actress’ marriage to the drummer of Motley Crue. It’s no surprise then that Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox decided to recreate the look of the former couple because they got their inspiration from them.

Besides wearing a white vest and black leather trousers, Tommy Lee had a thick silver chain around his neck and sunglasses on his head, and his then-wife, Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, wore a maroon and baby pink PVC halterneck dress; wore her blonde tresses down during the event of the grand opening of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas in 1995.

Kelly and Fox recreated the exact look for the Casamigos Halloween party. The famous singer uploaded two pictures with her and a video to his Instagram account, where he can be seen snorting Cocaine off Megan Fox’s chest while posing with the actress. As a result of his actions, he has been subject to a lot of criticism on social media. Though it is unclear whether it is actual cocaine or fake, the negative comments are pouring in, accusing MGK of “disgusting and disrespectful” gestures.

Despite this, fans in the comment section called him out for his antics, saying he should be a more responsible role model given his young audience. Aside from Instagram, Twitter was also flooded with negative comments regarding Machine Gun Kelly’s video.

In this case, the more pressing issue is Machine Gun Kelly’s younger fan base, including teens who might see him partaking in something objectively dangerous. His clashes with Eminem and his relationship with Fox, to whom he offered a thorny engagement ring, caused controversy in the past as well.

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Pamela Anderson And Tommy Lee: A Brief History

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

Three decades have passed since Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee embarked on an unforgettable romance, which sparked a tsunami of tabloid coverage and the infamous s*x tape.

Multiple reports allege that the rock star threw a cameraman to the ground while leaving West Hollywood’s famed Viper Room. Due to the attack, the videographer dislocated his hip after being thrown to the ground. Also, the couple’s s*x tape was stolen and distributed online in 1997, causing them internet pains.

Although Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee are often referred to as “drugs, s*x, and rock and roll,” they have said they didn’t engage in hardcore activities. As a member of Mötley Crüe, Lee has a reputation for partying hard. However, according to their public statements, Lee and Anderson reportedly lived clean while married.

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