“It’s not like she was assassinated”: Netflix Reportedly Considering to Temporarily Halt Production of The Crown After Queen Elizabeth II Passed Away at 96, Fans Say Her Death Won’t Change the Past

Following Queen Elizabeth II’s death, the Internet world has expressed mixed feelings. While some of them mourned the death of the queen, few people have been commenting on the decisions taken by her during her reign. Amidst the whirlwind, The Crown, a Netflix series based on the life of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign is reportedly considering putting a hold on the production for the upcoming season. With the announcement about the passing away of the queen at the age of 96, the Queen’s death comes ahead of Season 5 of the Netflix show.

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Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth

Will the next season of The Crown get on hold after the death of Queen Elizabeth II?

According to a report from Screenrant, the details about the upcoming season have been kept under wraps. There is no report on whether the death of Queen Elizabeth will have any effect on the series or not. With that, there has been no confirmation of the cancelation of the series. With the uncertainty of the next season, netizens expressed their views on Twitter. 

The Crown
Still from Netflix’s The Crown

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A user said, “It’s not like she was assassinated. She was old. It was inevitable.

As the queen died at the age of 96, another user asked, “How long were they expecting her to live exactly?

Everyone is going to die someday”, another user added.

Controversies surrounding the death of Queen Elizabeth II

Megha Markel Prince Harry and the Queen.
Megha Markel, Prince Harry, and the Queen Elizabeth II

Apart from the reported shelving of Netflix’s upcoming season of The Crown series, the death of Queen Elizabeth has been surrounded by many other controversies. In the past, there were many reports on how Meghan Markle is having a reported feud with The Royal Family. As the queen passed away peacefully with family members surrounding her, Prince Harry traveled to Scotland without his wife, Meghan Markle. 

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The Crown
Still from Netflix’s The Crown

With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, there has been no statement by Netflix on the upcoming sixth and last season of The Crown. It is unclear whether the upcoming season will address any controversies surrounding Meghan Markle, or the recent passing of the queen. However, fans have mixed reactions to the sixth season of The Crown. 

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All five seasons of The Crown are now streaming on Netflix.

Source: Screenrant / Twitter

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