‘It’s Not Why I’m in This Industry’: Florence Pugh Blasts Fans for Neglecting Her, Focusing Only on Harry Styles Going Down on Her in ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Trailer

Florence Pugh is a young English actress who recently rose to the mainstream spotlight. She started her acting career by starring in The Falling in 2014. The actress rose to fame in 2016 with her leading role in the independent drama Lady Macbeth. She is all set to appear in Olivia Wilde’s Don’t Worry Darling as Alice in September. She is co-starring in the film with Harry Styles and Chris Pine.

Florence Pugh
Florence Pugh

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Florence Pugh Slams Fans who are only concerned with her Sex Scenes.

The trailer for Olivia Wilde‘s Don’t Worry Darling dropped back in May. In a recent interview, the lead actress of the movie, Florence Pugh revealed that she had issues with fans and critics who were only concerned about her sex scenes with Harry Styles. The King Lear actress said that she does not appreciate it when her movies are only reduced to sex scenes. In the trailer, Harry Styles was seen performing cunnilingus in one scene and that took the internet by storm. Pugh said, “It’s not why I’m in this industry.

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Pugh slams the fans and critics.

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She confesses that she kind of saw it coming when Harry Styles was decided as the lead actor. She said, “the nature of hiring the most famous pop star in the world, you’re going to have conversations like that.” The actress wants the people to watch the movie because of the plot and the cast instead, not just for the scene in which Harry Styles is shown going down on her.

The Plot and Cast of the Movie

Cover for Don't Worry Darling
Promotional Cover for Don’t Worry Darling

Pugh plays the character of Alice in the movie who is a regular housewife. She is married to Harry Styles‘ character Jack who works for a mysterious company. Chris Pine plays the boss of the company who not only has control over the business affairs of his employees’ lives but also controls their domestic lives as well. The movie has a brilliant plot where Alice tries to find out the true nature of their business and tries to escape from her shelter house.

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The movie is all set to hit theatres on September 23, 2022. Check out the trailer of the movie here:

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