Avengers 4 is going to be the biggest event ever in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film is still seven months away, and fans are already losing their shit. During this past weekend at ACE Comic-Con, Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Hiddleston both answered questions from fans.

A panel, moderated by Hiddleston himself, things got interesting when the pair started discussing the sacrifices made by their characters.

“The thing you have to do at the end of Infinity War is a kind of sacrifice and arguably Loki makes a similar one,” Hiddleston told his co-star.

Here, Hiddleston was referring to Olsen’s Scarlett Witch killing Vision to save the Mind Stone.

Although she manages to destroy the Mind Stone later, killing Vision, Thanos used the Time Stone to reverse time and undo her actions.

Olsen further added that things will not be easy for Wanda Maximoff in Avengers 4.

“It’s only going to get worse,” Olsen said while looking out at the crowd.

The ending for Infinity War was kept a secret from every member of the cast.

“I found out from the Russos exactly what was going to happen, and it wasn’t until we shot it on that day we learned what the ending was,” said Olsen. “They took us into a van – all of us – we were in a van with air conditioning because it was very hot, and they told us how the movie was going to end, and no one knew. And they were like ‘Now we’re shooting it, Go!’ and we were like ‘How are we supposed to interpret that?’”

Avengers 4 is yet to have an official title. The film recently wrapped reshoots. Earlier, Kevin Feige stated that Avengers 4 will bring a conclusion to the past 11 years of MCU.

“The entire intention of Infinity War and the next Avengers film next year was to have an ending — to bring a conclusion to 10-plus years, 22-movie narrative in a way that hadn’t been done before in this particular type of film,” Feige told Uproxx.

“It doesn’t mean the MCU is coming to a close, by any means. But it means the narrative that started when we began 10 years ago will have a conclusion.”

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