It’s Upto Dr. Strange Now To Battle This Marvel Villain And Save The Cosmos

Its the most brutal battle Doctor Strange has ever been up against. Will he persever or will the entire cosmos die?

Beware: Spoilers For Doctor Strange #15 by Mark Waid, Jesus Saiz, Scott Koblish and Brian Reber below

If there is a being to really be feared in the Marvel Comics Universe, then it’s definitely Galactus. While he has always been a major threat, but now he has reached a different power level which could tear the whole universe asunder.

The Doctor Strange Story So Far- Zoloz, Mystic Realms And Dormammu

Zoloz steals Dr. Strange's magic items. Pic courtesy: comics watch
Zoloz steals Dr. Strange’s magic items. Pic courtesy: comics watch

The ongoing Marvel Comics’s Doctor Strange series has certainly taken the sorcerer supreme out of his comfort zone. He has been dealing with space travel and cosmic threats which have been testing his mettle. In that list is the world eater, Galactus. The story with Galactus began when he threatened to consume sorcerer Zoloz’s homeworld. Zoloz then grew desperate to save his planet and so he stole magical items which were in Strange’s care. After that, Zoloz used the power of the items to transport Galactus right into the mystic realms. But rather than saving the planet, Zoloz’s act actually put the entire universe in danger. Strange was able to sense this danger and so he followed Galactus right into the mystic dimensions. But he was too late to stop Galactus from feeding.

Galactus feasted on one of the realms’ unusual worlds. The mystic properties of the planet altered Galactus, infusing him with arcane energy. This act also turned Dormammu, Strange’s archenemy into Galactus’s new herald.

Doctor Strange And His Plans To Stop Galactus

Strange has to fight Galactus now. Pic courtesy: Marvel Comics
Strange has to fight Galactus now. Pic courtesy: Marvel Comics

Unknown to Strange it was Memphisto who actually manipulated both Galactus and Dormammu. Mephisto told Dormammu that he could control Galactus and when Dormammu attempted to do just that, then Galactus wasn’t impressed. So instead, Galactus consumed his new home and absorbed all of Dormammu’s arcane power.

So with Galactus standing at the nexus of realties with his new powers, the entire universe is changing. Science and magic are merging in new and dangerous ways. If this bonding isn’t stopped then Galactus will be able to consume all of reality and at the end only he will remain.

Knowing this, Doctor Strange pleads his case to Eternity and the Living Tribunal. But they decline to intervene. The threat of magic merging with science requires an answer both arcane and cosmic. Doctor Strange and Clea rally what mystical forces remain. The sorcerers of Earth and those mystical monarchs still standing heed the call. But it isn’t enough. Luckily, Galactus’s change ripples throughout the cosmos. Representatives of Asgard and the empires of the Skrull, Kree, and Shi’ar all rally for a battle against Galactus’s ultimate form. What happens next remains to be seen in the next issue of the Marvel Comics

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