“It’s very triggering for people and embarrassing”: Kanye West Booms Business After London Based Studio Gives Away Free Tattoo Removal of Controversial Rapper 

Kanye West has indeed lost a lot. Not that his present situation is undue. The Donda rapper has seen his stocks take a dip following the various controversies he has been a part of, or rather caused in the first place. Ever since his separation from Kim Kardashian, things have continued to run downhill for him. Be it making crazy remarks about his ex’s then-partner, Pete Davidson, his activities during the Paris Fashion Week, or the most infamous of them all – the anti-Semitic comments; everything has impacted his image, little by little.

Kanye West’s image is in shambles

Kanye West
Kanye West’s actions during the Paris Fashion Week attracted a lot of criticism

Kanye West decided to create a stir at the 2022 Paris Fashion Week by going in with shirts that had the message, ‘White Lives Matter’. Safe to say that his plan was more than successful. People were in utter disbelief, walkouts were staged. But Ye did not care.

However, what he didn’t know was that his time was about to be up. The water was about to go over the bridge when the 45-year-old gave the last push – his anti-semitic remarks. That was the last nail in the coffin. Till then, he had believed himself to be invincible. But he found out otherwise real soon.

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All ties severed with Ye

Kanye West
Kanye West is being canceled by the entire industry

Kanye West was declared ‘ex-communicado’. His ties with Adidas were cut by the company. His pals in the industry (if he had any left) refused to stand up for him anymore. He has no familiar connections to rely upon in the industry (Kim K is definitely not coming to the rescue of her baby daddy).

The same goes for his fans. The Yeezy founder enjoyed a strong fanbase for nost of his career. But it is getting hard to defend this controversial man’s antics. Each remark he makes decreases the count exponentially. It is only natural that his fans want to sever all ties with him. And a London tattoo shop is helping them with that.

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Kanye West’s tattoo being removed free of charge

Kanye West
Kanye West’s tattoo being removed free of charge

According to Euro News, NAMA, a London tattoo studio has offered to remove Kanye West tattoos free of charge. The reason? As any prudent man could guess, his flawed and conservative ideology. He once boasted that he could say anything, specifically anti-semitic stuff, and Adidas would still not sever ties with him. He is now an industry pariah, and out of his fans’ hearts.

The London Tattoo Studio said,

“It’s very triggering for people and embarrassing, as they have a very strong affiliation on their skin with that person.” 

That is how the idea was born. The CEO of the studio said,

there are some big tattoos that we’ve seen of Kanye that are not particularly indiscrete. So you can fully understand why people want them removed.”

One wonders if Kanye West can ever make a comeback after all this.

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Source: Geo News

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