‘I’ve worked with him. I find him deeply charming’: Is Babylon Star Chloe Fineman Pete Davidson’s Latest ‘Beau’? 34 Year Old Actress Floored By SNL Star’s ‘Nice Guy’ Vibes

Recently American Actress Chloe Fineman revealed why SNL star Pete Davidson attracted so many A-lister celebrities. Davidson is well-known for dating big female celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, etc. And although Fineman has never dated Davidson herself, she said working and chatting with him was enough to make one understand his charms. She is not the only one to have confirmed this as another SNL player Mikey Day also agreed with the comedian’s charms.

As for Fineman, after going viral last month for her Nicole Kidman impersonation, she shared that next was Audrey Plaza. The actress recently attended the American Museum of Natural History Gala.

Chloe Fineman confirms Pete Davidson’s charms

Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson

It is not surprising when celebrities praise Pete Davidson. The SNL star is famous among the show’s viewers but especially among A-list ladies in the industry. Davidson has a history of dating famous female celebrities. These include Ariana Grande whom he got engaged however Grande broke off the engagement after only a few months. It followed soon after the death of Grande’s ex-boyfriend Mac Miller. Another famous woman he has been linked with is the American Socialite Kim Kardashian. He also briefly dated models Kaia Gerber and Emily Ratajkowski (most recent).

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Recently, a fellow SNL cast member Chloe Fineman also gave her views on why Pete Davidson could charm people. Fineman shared exclusively with Page Six saying,  “I find him deeply charming.” And she further revealed,

“And I remember my first year [on ‘Saturday Night Live’], going to all my girlfriends and being like, ‘I get it.’”

Chloe Fineman
Chloe Fineman

According to the Home Team actor, some of her friends who dated Davidson always reported back nice things about him. In addition to Fineman, another SNL cast member Mikey day also jumped in to praise the Meet Cute actor. Day shared with Page Six, “I don’t think people know how smart he [Pete Davidson] is”. The SNL player further explained his reason for liking Davidson saying,

“But he’s a very intelligent, well-spoken, interesting dude. I love Pete. He’s the best.”

Both the accounts of fellow SNL cast members clearly offer the picture behind the attractive and charming nature of the King Of Staten Island actor.

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What is Coming up for SNL Viewers?

Chloe Fineman
Chloe Fineman

Both Chloe Fineman and Mikey Day attended the American Museum of Natural History Gala a few days ago. While giving their insights on the charms of fellow SNL cast member Pete Davidson, they also provided some deets on what’s coming up on the show. Fineman got viral for parodying Nicole Kidman’s AMC Commercial a month ago. She shared that it had bugged her boyfriend when she would try to recite lines of the Commercial. And as of now, the Babylon actor’s new target for impersonation is Audrey Plaza. “That’s, like, a new one.”

Mikey Day also shared with Page Six that the new host would be an actress and singer Keke Palmer for the next week’s episode.

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Source: Page Six

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