J.R Smith's Wife Called Out The Flash's Candice Patton in Instagram Prayer

Recent rumors have revealed that NBA player J.R. Smith and The Flash star Candice Patton may be seeing each other. While there hasn’t been any concrete evidence about their relationship yet, it seems that there may finally be some truth to the rumors. The slight possibility of the relationship being legit is somewhat confirmed by none other than Jewel Harris – J.R Smith’s wife.

Jewel Harris Shares Possible Insight On Patton and Smith

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Jewel Harris and J.R Smith got married in 2016

Jewel Harris took it upon herself to share her thoughts on the rumored couple after receiving several messages from people about Patton and Smith. Harris took to Instagram and posted a video to share her thoughts. In the video, she reveals that she’s decided to pray about it and that she’ll post the prayer on Instagram. Before starting the prayer, she explains her decision to post it on social media. In the duration of the prayer, Harris also mentions her husband, Smith, and Patton by name.

Jewel Harris’ Video On Instagram

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Recent rumors surrounded between a possible relationship between J.R Smith and Candice Patton

“God is mad wild,” Harris said at the start of the video. “There’s a lot going on . . . Help me, God. So, as I was taking Demi to school, God was like ‘Yeah, you gonna pray and you’re gonna post it.'” She continues with a detailed explanation of why she’s posting, adding that this all hurts her and starts to pray. “God, I would like to lift my husband up and ask you, Lord Father God, to please just cover him with your blood. I ask in the mighty name of Jesus that you go to him where he is right now, and you shake him up, God. You shake him up, and you stir him up . . . I ask that wherever he is broke, you fix him [and] you heal him.” She continues by requesting God to help Smith be the best husband and father that he can be, following which she also mentions Candice Patton by name. Expressing her concern that Candice is going through pain as well, Harris asks God to mend her heart. The request comes in relation to her saying that Candice should be given grace and mercy, considering that she is seeking a married man.

Response To Harris’ Video

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Candice Patton plays Iris West in CW’s The Flash

Candice Patton has not given any response to Harris’ video yet. However, J.R Smith responded to Harris’ post, stating that “IG ain’t a place for relationships.” He also emphasizes the fact that he and Jewel Harris have been “separated for months.”

Source: Comicbook, Heroic Hollywood

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