Here’s What Jack Black Would Look Like as Wolverine

Every bread that goes into making a yummy sandwich fundamentally necessitates the spread of butter all over it.

The analogy is very much likely to an incredible Hollywood franchise like the MCU.

With the Avengers being the frontrunners in the MCU, an equally tough competition is set by the cohort of X-Men.

But the recent buzz is that Jack Black would serve the role of Wolverine flawlessly. 

Jack Black had to light the spark.

Jack Black to play Wolverine
Jack Black during one of his movie promotions

This makes us wonder what this is about, especially when there has not been any updates from the MCU.

But the blame of igniting the spark falls on Jack Black.

Not so recently, he posted a supposedly terrifying picture of himself alongside a statue of a Red Hulk. Seriously, a Red Hulk???

The one where Twitterati goes analytical

Jack Black posing next to a Red Hulk figurine

Jack Black’s social media handles don’t show what he has posted recently.

However, one Twitter user managed to find it and voice his opinion about Black potentially playing the Wolverine.

This ensued Twitterati to voice their personal opinions about Jack Black donning the claws of the Wolverine.

Some users showcased their editing skills to prove right about themselves. 

Could Jack Black be the next Wolverine?

Fan edit of Jack Black exposing Wolverine's claws

Nothing could go wrong in assuming that both Jack Black and MCU have seen this, but neither of them commented. This could not mean anything since MCU has its platter full of upcoming releases for the next couple of years. 

However, creative thinking like these from fans is a necessary food for thought for the MCU. 

Source: comicbook, Twitter.

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