Jaime Lannister Appears to Get His Right Hand Back in Latest HBO Botch Up of Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones gets into the news for the wrong reasons.

After last Sunday night’s exciting episode, Game of Thrones dominated discussion on social media sites for all the wrong reasons. Throughout a scene early in the episode, a modern-day coffee cup was left on a table in front of Daenerys, triggering everyone to joke for days regarding the Mother of Dragons’ Starbucks order. Celebrity Emilia Clarke also obtained trolled for the accident while attending the Houston Rockets basketball game on Friday evening. Well, it looks as though HBO has an additional significant modifying error on its hands, no pun planned.

Jaime gets his right hand back.

Jaime's missing hand returns in game of thrones
Jaime Lannister’s missing hand returns in game of thrones

After the most recent episode aired on television, HBO sent out main pictures from “The Bells,” releasing the HD pictures online. Among these images originated from the pivotal scene in which Jaime, as well as Cersei, rejoined for the first time this season. As Jaime and also Cersei embrace each other, you can see Jaime’s right hand behind his sister/lover’s back, which’s the problem.

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As every Game of Thrones follower will undoubtedly remember, Jaime shed his right-hand many seasons ago, as well as has put on a gold prosthetic hand in its area ever since. Throughout the episode, Jaime’s gold hand can be seen attached to Jaime. Nevertheless, in this picture, his real hand shows up, having in some way miraculously expanded back.

HBO does damage control immediately.

A still where Tyrion and Jaime drink to their health
A still where Tyrion and Jaime Lannister drink to their health

After the photo mistake started flowing online, HBO seems to have taken the photo down, as it can no more be found on the network’s press site.

Luckily for HBO, this mistake was limited to a quickly repaired image, unlike the coffee cup error during last week’s episode. This issue was able to be dealt with in a brief time, though not before the people of Twitter got their hands on it.

Here is the preview of Game Of Thrones final episode:

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