James Bond: No Time to Die Release Date Pushed To 2021

In a since abandoned timeline that feels like eternity ago, the James Bond flick No Time to Die would have hit theatres in November 2019. A lot has happened since then in the world. Now the whole world is under complete lockdown due to the “coronavirus”.

Due to this unprecedented crisis, all of Hollywood has shut down, and the movie calendar is clear through mid-July. It depends on how safe it is to reopen movie theatres later in the year. The upcoming James Bond film was the first major blockbuster film to shift release dates amid the coronavirus pandemic.



The problem at hand is that there remains a great deal of uncertainty about the reopening of theatres. It is expected that the US will reopen theatres in July. But it is still a condition of dilemma about how many people would show up and whether theatre chains can sustain enough business to keep the doors open.

The film has already boasted the most expensive production budget in Bond History. The film’s budget is reported to be in the range of a whopping  $250 million. So one thing is certain that the latest James Bond movie will surely debut in theatres. 

Looking at the cinema, plenty of movies have rolled to next year. A lot of films have reported massive investments. However, to get as many eyeballs as possible, it is essential to wait until people feel entirely comfortable rushing back to the theatres again. So, the tactic, for now, is to wait.


No time to die release date

There is no denying that this is quite tricky to figure out. Even if theatres reopen later in the year, there will be restrictions regarding social distancing. That would impact the numbers at the box-office.  Keeping in mind, No Time to Die is going to be a blockbuster movie.

So naturally, it has to be profitable enough. Therefore movie producers may not feel comfortable releasing it until they are confident enough that the movie can turn up a strong audience. On the other hand, No Time to Die can’t sit on the shelf forever. So it becomes clear that pushing the Bond film to 2021 could become a real possibility.


Moviegoers are eager to watch the new film in theatres, but unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that this will be happening in a few months. The ongoing inevitable health crisis remains a fluid situation that it is impossible to predict. Because of this, the movies that have already been delayed will get pushed back further.

As per the Daily Mail, the great debate floating for No Time to Die right now is to either stick to the November date or move it to the next year.

 “If it has to wait till next year, then so be it. There are hundreds of millions of dollars involved in this movie. Release it when audiences feel safe to return. But it’s a nerve-racking call.” told by a source.

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