Daniel Craig’s final movie as James Bond in No Time To Die saw Rami Malek play the villain Safin, who just doesn’t want to destroy Bond and M16 but also the entire world. The stakes are certainly high considering the fact that probably no Bond has ever been given the safety of everyone in the world who could be jeopardized by a bioweapon Safin is mass manufacturing.

James Bond
Rami Malek

No Time to Die returns to the plots previously explored by Marvel Studios in 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In the film too the world was at the mercy of Hydra. The similarities between Safin’s and Hydra’s plans go a bit extreme.

The codenamed Heracles, the bioweapon of the Safin’s sinister plot was originally developed on M’s orders to wipe the collateral damage caused by M16 assignments. Heracles essentially is a swarm of nanobots that can be programmed with target DNA and infect and kill the target once in contact. Heracles can also come in contact with anyone other than the target and turn them into a carrier, making their touch deadly to the target.

James Bond

Safin wants to release Heracles globally and wipe out anyone he thinks is a threat to him including security services. This would risk millions of life without even knowing that their death is coming.

James Bond tells Safin that unleashing Heracles would put “the whole world on a battlefield. Nobody gets a chance.”

In various ways, Heracles does take Hydra’s plan to another kind of level and gives them a great asset. Hydra relies on a satellite network and an entire fleet of Helicarriers. The arsenal at Hydra’s disposal was extremely impressive but the Helicarriers were actually vulnerable to infiltration and even sabotage!

No Time To Die
Daniel Craig

As a result, James Bond does manage to stop Safin’s master plan by destroying the entire facility where Heracles was being manufactured. But had the fleet ever gotten out, no one would have been able to stop it!

Q rightly pointed out that Heracles is “eternal.” That is since once anyone is infected with nanobots, there is no way of discarding them. Safin did perfect Hydra’s dream weapon of destruction which could wipe out the entire humanity but was thankfully stopped by Bond.



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