James Gunn Says A Marvel-D.C Crossover possible

The two movie studios, Marvel and DC are always in a tight neck to neck competition. Even fans compete within themselves with each and every movie that both the studio releases. It’s also clear that this rivalry have been beneficial for both of them. Both of them coming together for a movie is not a possibility as of now. However, James Gunn believes that a Marvel vs DC movie is possible.

Anything Is Possible

Anything Is Possible
Gunn’s Instagram Story, Courtesy: Comicbook

A fan asked Gunn in an Instagram Q&A whether a Marvel vs DC movie was possible. He answered that anything is possible. He said, ” In the past I would have said no way, but today I think anything is possible”. This comes as a surprise for most fans. Gunn has worked for both Marvel and DC and is familiar with both the studios. Coming from such a filmmake,r points out that there is at least a small possibility of the crossover happening.

A Helmer for The Two

A Helmer for T he Two
Guardians of the Galaxy

James Gunn has worked with Marvel

in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.I and Vol.II. Meanwhile he is directing the new Suicide Squad movie for DC and Warner Bros. It is a tremendous feat to have worked with both the studios who consider themselves opposites. Who knows whether he might be able  to convince Marvel and DC for a crossover movie? It would be amazing to see the battle between the two on screen in just one movie.

Battle of Releases

Battle of Releases
Gunn is currently working on the new Suicide Squad movie

Meanwhile, Marvel and DC are continuing their off screen competition with an array of releases on both sides. Even Gunn is tight lipped about the new Suicide Squad movie but he said that it is fun making the movie.For a previous question on instagram asking which was his toughest work yet, he answered,”They’re all challenging. ….. [Guardians of the Galaxy] Vol. 2 was the hardest because of my mental state. [The Suicide] Squad is the most complex and biggest but also the most fun so far. So I guess overall Vol. 2.”

Sources: Comicbook

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