James Tynion Debuts original Art From His And Frank's Green Lantern Tale!

James Tynion IV presented his newsletter users a sneak-peek at Green Lantern’s 80th Anniversary 100 Page Super Spectacular #1.

Desires With a Few Pictures

Superstar writer James Tynion IV was kind enough with whet our appetites with a few preview images.

Superstar author James Tynion IV is confronting outer space with artist Gary Frank to produce an Alan Scott fiction in the Green Lantern 80th Anniversary 100 Page Super Spectacular. James was patient enough with what we wished for with a few preview photos. The Joker War author used his newsletter to distribute his enthusiasm for operating with Frank. “So how about the first four panels of my Green Lantern 80th Anniversary story, featuring Alan Scott, with art by the incomparable Gary Frank!” he addressed.

Fascinated by Fires!

Alan Scott is transfixed by flames as the perspective closes in on him.

In the boards, Alan Scott is captivated by flames as the scene finishes in on him. Then, a deal stands out and takes his shoulder. Probably, this is a display from Scott’s origin where a green meteorite came to Earth, and the energy within it displayed as a green flame. It then was transformed into a lamp that was built into the Power Ring, which Scott would employ to produce green exhibitions of his own.

Power Ring has a Mind of its Own

Green Lantern 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1 will be presented in prestige format and priced at $9.99

On the peak of all of that, the ring has a purpose for its individual that enables it to preserve its wielder whenever it senses risk even if that risk is the complete Green Lantern Corps. Although this one power ring is ready to start back upon entire crews, they are only prepared to receive it thanks to Batman’s unstoppable determination. Now, the initial White Lantern Power Ring sees itself in the supervision of the Green Lantern Corps, where it will probably remain stable for a great time to come. But a threat as necessary as that is forced to make a statement, sooner or later.

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