James Wan’s Underrated Horror Movie Finally Gets Spotlight On Streaming Network!

For those who don’t know, Hulu is celebrating “Huluween” this month (which is quite a fun take on “Halloween”). The new streaming service; Peacock from NBCUniversal is also leaving no stone untouched to add the fun elements of Halloween to attract viewership!

Peacock is currently celebrating “Peacocktober”!!

James Wan

The name is not that easy to roll off the tongue in a similar way as their competitor’s, the platform is still doing a pretty decent job of celebrating the most loved and spooky season of the year. The streaming platform in addition to the Friday’s release of Halloween Kills and quite a number of Child’s Play movies is also bringing one of the most underrated James Wan movies to the platform today in the form of James Wan’s lesser-known movie known as Dead Silence way back from 2007.

Dead Silence

Dead Silence was written by James Wan’s Insidious collaborator Leigh Wannell and the film is set to be available on NBC’s streamer; Peacock today! Many fans are excited to get a look into the very early and probably raw work of the person who is a modern-day horror movies MASTER.

The movie has a cast of Ryan Kwanten, Amber Valletta, and Donnie Wahlberg. James Wan’s Dead Silence revolves around Jamie Ashen (played by Ryan Kwanten), a widower who returns to his hometown in order to search for answers about his wife’s death. The search further leads him to a realization that his wife could have been possibly murdered by a haunted ventriloquist’s dummy, stemming from a bizarre incident that took place ages ago in the hometown’s past. The former owner of the doll had been disgraced and humiliated after a very young heckler claimed to see her mouth move during her act. The child then went missing and the entire townsfolk went on to lynch the ventriloquist and her last wish was that her body should be buried with all her 101 dolls.

Horror Movies
Still from Dead Silence

The movie didn’t do that great and earned $22 million against the $20 million budget. Wan did revisit his creepy dolls take and got a better success with the Annabelle series.
Dead Silence might have not done well, but James Wan surely did finding success even with DC Universe.

Don’t forget to watch the Dead Silence on Peacock this week!

Source: Comicbook

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