Japanese Illustrator uploads Doodles from his Wife’s old Notebook, Recieves Surprising Reaction!

Everyone has a memory of sitting in a boring classroom full of students and hearing some distant voice of your professor in the background. We hadn’t paid attention to the professor due to the boredom eating our minds. We would try hard to concentrate but end up making ‘Doodles’ in our notebook. But have you thought what if these doodles on your book go viral over the internet? Because this is exactly what happened to Barusu’s wife.

The Doodle Story

The Doodles found in Barusu's Wife's Notebook are nowhere near to common.
The Doodles found in Barusu’s Wife’s Notebook are nowhere near to common.

No matter how good our doodle drawing is, we probably never imagined that it will go viral. Maybe our pass time doodles are nothing compared to that of the wife of a Japanese graphic designer. The designer who goes by the name of Barusu somehow found his wife’s old notebook. And inside the laptop was something worth adoring.

Display of Excellent Art

After coming across those doodles, Barusu just couldn’t hold himself from sharing these masterpieces with the world. He took to twitter to share these doodles drawn by his wife.

Have a look!

The illustrator isn’t too active with his posts but often mentions and talks of his wife on social media. Even if her days are busier, she enjoys remembering her doodles of old days.

Doodles of her favourite TV characters.
Doodles of her favourite TV characters.
Bits of Doodles by Barusu's Wife
Bits of Doodles by Barusu’s Wife
This is what her 2013 Planner holds.
This is what her 2013 Planner holds.

Art, Artist and Art Love!

The doodles covered the movie or show that she watched that day. Because of her character drawings of ParaNorman and Caroline in ink, it became clear that Barusu’s wife is a massive fan of Laika, the stop-motion animation studio.

The couple is truly blessed with Art skills. We hope to soon see more of the fantastic work from the Talented Couple in future.

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