Ayer’s “Heart Breaks” For Jared Leto As Joker Footage Remain Unseen

Recently Suicide Squad Director David Ayer replied to a tweet from his follower. The follower criticized the role of Leto as a joker in the Suicide Squad. He presented his argument and said that several scenes from the movie were cut down due to the reasons mentioned below in the article. He added that Leto is a wonderful actor and his heart breaks down when he sees people criticizing him even after so many years.


A Twitter follower recently quoted that Leto’s joker “was too creepy for compassion, and his look didn’t convince everyone like Batfleck did, appearances matter”.

Ayer retorted back saying that character creation is a tightrope. He also stated that he got his inspiration from the current DC comics. The tweet was incredible as the topic is still active. He also quoted, “My heart breaks for Jared – he did magnificent work. Most of it remains unseen”. Jared Leto appeared as the Joker in Suicide Squad for less than 15 minutes because of the reasons mentioned below.


Jared Leto Unseen footage

Back in 2016 during the production of Suicide Squad, there were many disagreements between Ayer and Warner Bros as executives had failed to arrive at a collective decision which drew a line between the two.

When the test screening of the movie happened, Ayer and Warner Bros agreed to a common platform. There were many scenes that Leto wanted to be there in the movie release, but they didn’t pass the cuts. This left the Academy Award winner disappointed.

Suicide Squad got mixed reviews from the audience but did well in the box office and won an Oscar for the Best Makeup and Hairstyling at the 89th Academy Award.


Rumors spread that there will be a standalone Joker movie starring Leto though they turned out to be false.

Jared Leto again grabbed the attention of the reporters just after the release of Suicide Squad. The news that there will be a standalone joker movie based on Leto’s tattoo-laden version of the Clown Prince of Crime spread like a forest fire.

However, he received a lot of negative comments from the audience; therefore, he dropped the plan. After all these happenings DC’s Joker with John Phoenix as the main lead captured the big screens after a few months. Phoenix got an Academy Award for his outstanding performance in the movie.

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