Jared Leto’s fans are upset as he isn’t in The Suicide Squad

The director of The Suicide Squad, James Gunn has officially released the cast list for the film but among all of the names there was nowhere “Jared Leto” mentioned. Jared Leto played an outstanding role as The Joker in the first film when that was directed by David Ayer. It had been heard that Jared Leto would not appear in this film which is directed by Gunn. 

What are the reactions of fans of Leto/Joker?

Leto was the most perfect actor for Joker character



When the official cast was released for The Suicide Squad, several fans of actor Jared Leto, conflicted disappointment for his absence in the cast list. 

Because of Joker’s/Leto’s absence, most of his fans tweeted and posted on their social accounts regarding their feelings. Joker was one of the best and famous character, everyone used to love. Because of them, those films became mega hit. Nobody is interested about the new coming actors but Leto. They cannot believe why Leto’s name is missing from the cast list. Many news has been updated about the missing of Joker’s name in the list. Every fan is waiting for the answer. It is really doubtful that the famous actor who always played perfectly the role of Joker, he doesn’t deserve this at least. 

If you want to have a look on the cast list once,

If you somehow missed the official trailer of The Suicide Squad, Watch the trailer of The Suicide Squad

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