Jason Momoa Claims Aquaman 2 Can’t Move Forward As He Protests Significant Hawaii Building

Fans might be eager to see the future of Aquaman in the following DC Comics-based movie, yet star Jason Momoa is interested in something much more near to home. And if his most current social media sites post is any indicator, he’s focused on utilizing his influence to make a difference.

Jason Momoa’s Protest Against Telescope Construction

Jason Momoa's Protest Against Telescope Construction
Jason Momoa is a Hawaiian native and is protesting against the use of local grounds

Momoa posted an image on Instagram that shows a telescope being built, mentioning the radical damage done to the land and explaining that Hawaii’s prepared Thirty Meter Telescope will undoubtedly be a lot more disastrous to the website where it’s being constructed. Check out Momoa’s article listed below:


Momoa feels highly about protecting the website on Mauna Kea on the island of Hawaii, as well as he’s joined hundreds of activists in demonstration of the telescope’s building. The suggested site is claimed to cost around $1.4 billion according to Live Science, yet its the area on Mauna Kea that’s the factor of the dispute.

Dwayne Johnson Supporting Jason Momoa

Dwayne Johnson Supporting Jason Momoa
Dwayne Johnson has spoken out supporting Jason Momoa’s decision to protest

Momoa has been sustained by fellow Hollywood superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, that explained on The Tonight Program With Jimmy Fallon last month that the building is occurring at an area that Johnson likened to church premises.

” This is so much larger than a telescope being constructed,” stated Johnson. “This is humanity; these are people whose hearts are hurting, and also I think any time circumstances like that show up … that’s our sign that we’ve got to stop. Let’s be considerate, let’s be empathetic, as well as let’s always look after our people.”

Aquaman 2 halted while Momoa focuses on activism

It’s fantastic to see that Momoa and also Johnson are utilizing their platforms to support causes they believe in. It’s unclear whether or not they will, prevent any progress made on the telescope right now. However, they may be getting some momentum as more prominent individuals to lend their support to the cause

Aquaman 2 is currently set to be released on December 16, 2022. Watch the trailer for Aquaman here:


Source: Comicbook, Cinema Blend

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