Jason Momoa reveals Justice League Snyder cut is Sick

Though it’s been two years since the release of Justice League, there’s still a contingent of fans clamouring loudly for the fabled director Zack Snyder’s ‘Snyder cut’ of the movie. Recently, director Kevin Smith revealed it exists in unfinished form, possibly containing exciting visual effects. The fans remain ambiguous whether they get to see it in theatres or not. Recently, Jason Momoa is the only one to review on Snyder Cut. His comments are making fans go crazy and thirsty, waiting for the reveal.

Jason Momoa’s take on JL Snyder cut

Jason Momoa as Aquaman
Jason Momoa as Aquaman

The Aquaman star in an interview thanked Zack Snyder. He revealed he’s seen the Snyder cut. Momoa thanked him for giving him a chance to watch it.

Jason Momoa as Khol Drogo
Jason Momoa as Khol Drogo

As a result, The Game of Thrones actor showered his appreciation through an Instagram post. “The Snyder cut is sssiiiccckkkk”. Momoa reviewed the Snyder version of the DC Comics team-up film. Momoa also showered his gratitude on the filmmaker for portraying him as Aqua Man.

In a recent interview with MTV News, Momoa expressed his take on the film. He revealed he’s’ seen it. When asked how can it be possible without all the visual effects, the actor cut short. He asked in return ’Oh, you think Snyder couldn’t finish?’.He then briefed he’s indebted to the producers and production house and as a fan very happy to see the Snyder version.
Zack also revealed his insights into the movie. The Knightmare sequence was always his idea where the superman succumbs to anti-life and only few JL members were fighting. We all know that the WB didn’t like his version and appointed Joss Whedon in Zack’s place eventually.


With Joker running in theatres, the next DC Movies’ updates are Birds of Prey, The Batman, Wonder Woman, The Suicide Squad and Aquaman; fans are eagerly awaiting the next versions to release


Source: ComicBook, Slashfilm

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