Jason Momoa Slams Chris Pratt For Plastic Bottle, Fans Blast Him In Return

Jason Momoa slams Chris Pratt over plastic bottle usage.

Marvel and DC heroes sometimes like to tease each other which in turn riles up their fanbases a lot. But it’s all done in the name of fun and games. But this one between Chris Pratt and Jason Momoa became a little serious.

What Jason Momoa also likes is the Snyder Cut and he would like to see it released. Unfortunately, that just doesn’t seem possible.

Jason Momoa Tells Chris Pratt Not To Use Plastic Bottles

The Aquaman star called out Chris Pratt for his bottle which was for single use only. Pic courtesy: eonline.com

Chris Pratt posted on Instagram about his new workout store on Amazon. That in itself was normal promo material from an actor but it was Jason Momoa’s comments underneath which incensed fans. Momoa is truly Aquaman in that he really cares about the environment and fights for it. He wrote underneath the post:

“Bro I love u but wtf on the water bottle. No single-use plastic. come on.”

Jason Momoa Is Right But Fans Don’t Think So

Jason Momoa did apologize for the comment through a Instagram post later on. Pic courtesy: metro.co.uk

In all honesty, Momoa is right on the single-use plastic thing. But people apparently didn’t think so and let the DC star hear it. There was a whole tidal wave of more than 1,400 replies on the comment. But not all of these comments were berating him. Many also encouraged his comment and supported him. But there were plenty of comments which also said that he was nitpicking and preaching. Momoa did apologize later on so it’s all good now between the two hopefully.

What’s curious is that if things had been different then Pratt would have been Momoa’s co-star. Pratt recently revealed that he had auditioned for Superman in Superman Returns. Obviously it didn’t work out and the movie bombed as well but it’s fun to image the possibilities. May be this came true in a parallel universe.

(Source: comicbook.com and mensjournal.com)

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