Jason Voorhees vs Michael Myers: Who Wins In This Horror Slasher Death Match?

While Freddy Kreuger is known for popularizing his take on the slasher genre, there are many more unstoppable killers in that arena. Jason Voorhees of the Friday The 13th Movies and Michael Myers of the Halloween series come to mind. Both have their own sets of powers and strengths and their own weaknesses. This makes up think – if Myers and Voorhees ever encountered each other, which horror movie slasher would manage to deal the death blow to the other?

Michael Myers – The Man With A Curse That Makes Him Unstoppable

Michael Myers

Myers first started out as any run-of-the-mill serial killer. All he wanted was to return to his childhood residence and kill as many as he could. But as the movie franchise progressed, we realized Myers is more than just a man with a weapon. In Halloween II, his legendary endurance for pain was established properly. The fifth and sixth entries to the series even gave Myers a supernatural element. He was tied to the Cult of Thorn and was given a curse. This curse gave him near-superhuman levels of strength and endurance to murder his bloodline on Halloween night.

Cult Of Thorn

Myers has been stabbed, shot, and burned and he still keeps on going. The Curse from the Cult of Thorn will never let Myers rest until he has killed every member of his bloodline. The killer is not in total control of his body and that is perhaps his biggest disadvantage, something Jason Voorhees can exploit.

Jason Voorhees – The Superhuman Killer Who Is Almost Un-killable

Friday The 13th

Even when Jason made his first-ever appearance in the movies, he exhibited a level of physical capability, unlike anything we have ever seen in horror slasher villains. Despite being human, Voorhees had incredible strength, speed, and dexterity. Because he was still human and thus mortal, the killer dies in Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter. Subsequent movies revive him as a supernatural force of nature and enhance his already impressive skill-set.

Water – Jason’s Weakness

Jason Voorhees has used everything as a weapon that could kill. From using his bare hands to strangle and mangle his enemies to using harpoon guns or a machete, anything is deadly in the hands of Jason. His only real weakness seems to be water. Jason cannot seem and water seems to be his kryptonite. But now that he is an undead, he can easily shrug that weakness off if he wills it. Jason’s secondary weakness is his childhood trauma that makes him susceptible and vulnerable if used properly.

The Victor – Jason Voorhees (By A Large Margin)

Jason Voorhees – The Winner

Both serial killers are extremely strong and durable, capable of taking umpteen amounts of punishment. But while Myers is still a freak of nature, Jason can easily win this fight. Jason is physically stronger than Myers and can take more damage. His only real weakness seems to be water which won’t necessarily kill him since he is already dead. Myers on the other hand focuses too much on wiping out his own bloodline. He can get easily distracted, giving Jason the window to kill him. Jason Voorhees takes the cake, fair and square.

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