Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon Gained Several Reactions From Batman Fans

The release of Matt Reeves’ The Batman inches closer by the day, with fans grabbing on any piece of information they can get. The recent announcement that Jeffrey Wright, known for his role in Westworld, might be playing Commissioner Jim Gordon in the movie garnered a lot of reaction from fans. 


The news was undoubtedly a surprise, but so far the fandom seems to welcome it with open arms. The announcement initiated several tweets and posts on social media, with fans excited at the prospect of what Wright will contribute to the film with his role. 


Jeffrey Wright will carry on the mantle of playing Jim Gordon

J.K Simmons acted as Commissioner Gordon as well a close ally of Batman in the Justice League film.


Previously, J.K. Simmons had played the role of Commissioner Gordon in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and prior to that, Gary Oldman took up the part in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight franchise. 


Jeffrey Wright’s Role In Batman

Jeffrey Wright played Norman “Belize” Arriaga in HBO’s Angels in America

Wright’s portrayal of the character will mark a significant change in the representation of the character. Unlike the previous actors who took the role, this will be the first time the Commissioner will be portrayed as a person of colour in film. This aspect was something that had fans excited, as it leaves the casting open to possibilities of other diverse representations such as a non-white Batgirl and so on. 


Another aspect that had fans excited for his debut in DC was his acting talent that spanned across many movies and series. His role of Norman in HBO’s Angels in America gained him an Emmy as well as a Tony award. Other projects that Wright worked in include The Hunger Games, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, with television roles in Westworld and Boardwalk Empire. His most recent project that will make its way to screens will be Netflix’s The Laundromat, releasing September 27th, after which the Bond film No Time To Die will release April 8, 2020.





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