Jennifer Garner Turning To a Career in Politics as She Allegedly Becomes Enemies With Jennifer Lopez – Hollywood’s Most Powerful Pop Icon – Following Ben Affleck Reconciliation Rumors

Jennifer Garner might have had her fill of an acting career and is now seriously considering expanding her horizons. Reports suggest that the next thing on her resume might very well be a career in politics. The 13 Going On 30 actress has been interested and passively involved in politics for quite some time now, and according to an insider, that role might soon be turning active, further adding that she even has significant backing to make it big.

Jennifer Garner speculated to embark a career in politics

Jennifer Garner about to embark a career in politics
Jennifer Garner

An insider has revealed that Jennifer Garner‘s career switch is backed by Tinseltown biggies like producer JJ Abrams and his wife Katie McGrath, who are a well-known power couple themselves.

The source said of the 50-year-old,

“Even though Jen came from humble roots, she was filled with potential beyond just acting from a very early age. With her kids finally older and more independent, she’s exploring stuff she missed out on in her thirties, like being much more politically active than ever, and trying to use her fame and reputation for good.

Jen really does have a taste for politics, plus she’s just such an appealing person to all her friends, conservative and liberal. When she speaks from the heart, you believe her and you take her seriously.”

On December 1, the Alias actor along with her daughter Violet was a guest at the White House for a State Dinner in honor of President Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Macron of France. And even earlier, she was an active campaigner for Karen Bass running for mayor of LA. Therefore, she is clearly not an alien to politics.

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Ben Affleck might have been a senator 20 years ago

Ben Affleck was going to run for senate 20 years ago
The ex-couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

About the Yes Day actor’s political links, the source said,

“JJ and his wife Katie have known Jen for close to 25 years and helped Jen become a major player in the LA mayor’s race, where Jen supported and raised money for the eventual winner, Karen Bass. Here’s the thing – Jen really wants to make the world a better place for her kids and she’s reached her limit of how much she can do that as an actor or even a producer. Her next step is going to be some kind of political run because she really has a taste for it.”

The Hollywood insider further pointed out the irony in the turn of events,

“It’s pretty ironic since back when Jen and Ben Affleck first got together 20 years ago, everybody was talking about how Ben might run for a Georgia senate seat. But It’s Jen who is really the politician at heart.”

The mother of three has also campaigned for the education of underprivileged kids.

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Jennifer Garner’s political history

Jennifer Garner with her daughter, Violet
Jennifer Garner with her daughter, Violet at the White House

The Elektra actor also happens to be a member of the board of trustees of the charity Save The Children. The charity worked for the education of poor kids on Capitol Hill.

As a board member, she had insisted to a House Committee on Appropriations back in 2017,

“A brain in poverty is up against it. I’m telling you. A child who is not touched, who is not spoken to, who is not read to in the first five years of his or her life will not fully recover. Neglect can be every bit as harmful as abuse.”

In 2018, she went on to visit Congress and discuss why home visiting services were necessary with the Senate Finance Committee. She has also been vocal about her own family situation, as she shared with CNN back then,

“I grew up one generation removed from poverty. I knew children in my own school in West Virginia who had to cut holes in the toes of their shoes because their families couldn’t afford to buy new ones for their growing feet. Some of my first-grade classmates didn’t move on to second grade when I did. I couldn’t stand up for those children when I was a kid, but I can stand up for their families and those like them now.”

Garner’s entry into politics is bound to be a rather speculated affair and the actor’s comment on the matter is being awaited.

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