Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Reportedly Used ‘Decoy Brides’ to Fool Paparazzi and Have a Quiet Wedding

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez tied the knot on Saturday, in Las Vegas. The love birds had preciously been engaged during their 2002-’03 romance. Which had started on the sets of the movie Gigli. Affleck and Lopez rekindled their relationship last year (2021) and got married in a humdrum fashion.

Lopez and Affleck
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at Universal Studios Hollywood, on July 2, 2021.

The couple married in low key manner, in Las Vegas. An occurrence they had not informed about or publicized at all. According to reports they wished to have a quiet and closed wedding. Ben Affleck barely made it on time and rushed to the Little White Chapel’s bathroom, to change into the tuxedo he picked to marry Jennifer Lopez on Saturday. This was just one of the details that they shared about their “intimate wedding” completely out of the ordinary for two Hollywood celebrities.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck hire decoy brides, to fool the paparazzi

The couple shared that they arrived just a little before the chapel closed. Due to different delays in their ceremony, for example not finding a minister dressed as Elvis Presley to receive the King’s blessing. The couple also hired body doubles to portray both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez to fool the paparazzi.

Lopez and Affleck at their wedding.
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at their wedding. (16 July 2022)

The doubles, also disguised as brides, went to other chapels, in an operation called “decoy brides” that allowed the celebrity couple to tie the knot in privacy in the chapel called “Little White Wedding”. The duo was accompanied only by JLo’s children, Emme and Maximilian, children from her marriage to Marc Anthony. The ceremony was only made official after Jlo’s official website post on Sunday. With a beautiful message, Lopez recalled that their relationship already had several decades of history and that the reunion between them has been much more intense.

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A dream of a wedding

Much like in the movies, the couple had planned to ‘elope’ and get wed. Albeit that didn’t happen nonetheless they got married in a movie-like fashion. The humble couple known as “Bennifer” had to wait for four other couples to get married in a simple ceremony. Affleck and Jenifer Lopez got married in the Little White Chappel, in Las Vegas.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

According to reports, the couple is preparing a big party to share with a long list of guests, including their families, close friends, and many other celebrities. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have already reportedly gone to a house where the “big” ceremony will presumably take place. The couple was accompanied by their wedding planner. The ‘place’ is located in the small community of Riceboro, Georgia.

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