Jennifer Lopez Asked Indian Premier League – One Of The World’s Richest Sport Leagues – For A Private Plane, 5 Star Hotel Rooms For Her Stylists, IPL Ditched Her And Hired Pitbull

The reputation of Jennifer Lopez as an impossible diva has grown over the years. The On The Floor singer has a history of being rude to others and even attempting to diss other famous people. She is also said to be exceptionally impolite to anyone assigned to her. Not only this, the actress is very arrogant and makes outrageous demands that make it difficult to work with her. In one such instance, the singer lost a gig to perform at one of the richest sports leagues in the world due to her entitled requests.

Jennifer Lopez has a difficult personality

Jennifer Lopez

The Dance Again singer has frequently been criticized for being conceited and challenging to collaborate with. She allegedly treats people poorly, and numerous reports have been made about the singer’s rude demeanor. The actress also avoids speaking to or acknowledging anyone who works in the service sector. The diva is said to be difficult to work with and oftentimes makes unreasonable requests that are challenging to meet.

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The singer was replaced by Pitbull because of her demands

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was invited to perform at the Indian Premier League Twenty20 cricket tournament’s opening ceremony in 2013. The tournament is one of the richest sports leagues in the world and had an audience of about 60 million in 2013. According to Huffington Post, the actress started making ridiculous demands like having a private plane. She even demanded numerous hotel rooms be booked for her large entourage, which included her stylists, helpers, and chef. The officials responsible for organizing the event were furious with the singer’s audacity to even suggest something like this. The entitled singer was then ditched and the gig was given to Pitbull instead.

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It was not JLo’s first time making such outrageous demands

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez laid forth a long list of demands when she performed at the World Music Awards in 2010. The celebrity reportedly insisted on a custom-fitted speed boat with a love seat and a champagne refrigerator. She also requested a helicopter to be kept on standby, as well as a pair of diamond-encrusted headphones. An insider told the Mirror that “Her people requested that she have an entire floor of the hotel to herself to ensure she wasn’t hassled. Privacy was the main concern so she had a piece of the beach roped off, too.” An on-call masseuse, a secluded section of beach, and an entire hotel floor were all on the singer’s wish list.

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