Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Have New Bizarrely Brilliant Formula for Making Allegedly Failing Marriage Work – Spend Less Time Together

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reignited their two-decade-old relationship after their break-up in 2004. And the duo hit it off immediately, with their photos setting the internet ablaze. The two were going strong in the second chapter of their life and eventually tied the knot this July. But following their romantic European honeymoon, rumors say that the two have been given a reality check and the images they saw of a happy married life have come crashing.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marriage was allegedly on a collision course

Affleck and Lopez.
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez might have been given a reality check

The two had an impromptu Vegas wedding this July. And following their honeymoon, the two went their separate ways. Ben Affleck headed to the United States, while JLo stayed back. And these jam-packed schedules have allegedly proved to be a thorn for the couple. It is a fact that the two are fairly busy themselves and these competing calendars might well prove to spell trouble in the couple’s relationship. Currently, Ben Affleck is in the United States, set to feature in a Nike movie. And it is not a shock that the two might be unable to make a lot of time for each other.

But they are hoping that they can still make this work. And the most important thing in that direction will be striking a work-life balance, wherein the two can maintain their closeness despite staying afar. But Twitter feels it could be idle chatter, as this is just the last act the two could think of to salvage their allegedly failing marriage.

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Twitter gives its verdict, claims that the relationship has run its course

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez walking through Paris
Twitter claims Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s separation was written on the walls

Twitter feels that the couple realized over the course of their honeymoon, yet again, that the two weren’t meant for each other. The forebodings were there. The situation is rife with speculations. And the result is exactly what Twitter had supposed it would be.

Though the couple was adored by everyone, Twitter rooting for a couple doesn’t work always. And Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez might have realized it the hard way. And if Twitter is anything to go by, the fans will find it an equally bitter pill to swallow.

But the two won’t throw the towel this easily.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are hopeful of turning the tables

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are still not going to give up

According to a source close to Ben Affleck, the two are still on the same page and are hopeful that even staying apart won’t dull the love they share for each other. If anything, it will make their relationship “stronger”. The source also added, “The one thing that makes their relationship so unique is that they know more than anyone else the demands that come with doing what they do.” 

And when the duo is living apart, they make an insane amount of money, which is not exactly a problematic situation. The source disclosed, “They fully understand that there will be times when they can’t always be together. It’s something they’ve both acknowledged and discussed extensively throughout their relationship, so it’s nothing new. Sure, being apart so soon after their wedding is not ideal. But they know they have their whole lives ahead of them and they enjoy every minute of the journey.”

They maintain close contact with each other even if they aren’t physically together, via FaceTime. And it is the time apart that makes getting back together all the more memorable. They have the faith that the other person will be there, no matter what the situation.

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