Jennifer Lopez Planning To Expand Her Family With Ben Affleck Weeks After Dreamy Georgia Wedding

The celebrity couple, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are finally looking forward to starting their lives together now that they are done with the wedding festivities. Jennifer Lopez recently revealed her feelings and some information about their wedding in her newsletter. The two want to continue spending their days together along with both of their children and want them to be a part of it all. It also seems that the Love Don’t Cost A Thing singer and the Gone Girl actor are planning to bring a new member to their family just weeks after they got married.

Jennifer Lopez talks about her marriage to Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Photo of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez from the wedding at Georgia Estate

At the beginning of the month, Jennifer Lopez shared how special it was to get married in front of all the kids in her On the JLo newsletter. She mentioned that back when she and Ben Affleck were dating twenty years ago, the pair thought that True Companion by Marc Cohn, was the ideal wedding song but ended up walking down the aisle to his other song, The Things We’ve Handed Down.

She explained that the two chose this piece because it is “a song about the wonderful mystery of children” and that it was “something we could only guess at back then, but it was the perfect choice as our five children preceded me on the walk”. The singer said that both of them brought more than either of them could have ever anticipated to their marriage, referring to her and Ben Affleck’s respective children.

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The celeb couple want their kids to be involved in their lives

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have decided to put their kids first while beginning a new life together. Max and Emme are identical twins born to Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, whereas Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel are the three children born to Ben Affleck and his ex-wife Jennifer Garner. From their first covert wedding and honeymoon to the planning of their second extravagant celebration, the couple has made an effort to involve the kids in everything. According to a source, the Marry Me actress and the Argo actor made sure that their respective children felt loved and included throughout their marriages and their first honeymoon.

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A new member of the Bennifer family is on the way

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

As Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck begin their new life with their children, the couple has a lot to look forward to. It seems that the two also have plans to grow their family now that they are married. During the weekend, the pair was captured in pictures that were published in the Daily Mail at an animal rescue facility in Los Angeles.

The two were twinning and were dressed in matching white outfits. The Deep Water actor and the On The Floor singer were arm in arm and appeared to be a lovely couple during the outing. Jennifer Lopez’s daughter Emme, 14, and Ben Affleck’s daughter Seraphina, 13, accompanied the pair. Seraphina was photographed leaving the store with a pet box and probably the new member of the family.

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Source: Hello Magazine

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