Jennifer Lopez Read Shotgun Wedding Script in the Bathroom, Only Agreed To Do it With Josh Duhamel as She Found it “Funny”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been Hollywood’s gossip since their initial relationship. The couple was last seen on the premiere of Shotgun Wedding when Affleck kissed Lopez. Since then Jennifer Lopez faced PTSD regarding her relationship with Affleck which led to their secret nuptials. Reports of Jennifer Lopez having a secret last-minute Vegas wedding with Ben Affleck are roaring in the media. With the news of their secret marriage going public, what can be better than discussing Lopez’s latest movie, which evidently revolves around a wedding ceremony? 

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez had a secret wedding in Las Vegas

Hollywood’s favorite Jennifer Lopez, the queen of romcoms came forward in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter to share her experiences on Shotgun Wedding. The actress almost gave up the role while reading her script, but she seems to be a last-minute planning kind of person, which made her ultimately accept the role. 

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Jennifer Lopez almost rejected the Shotgun Wedding script 

Jennifer Lopez came back with an action-based romcom Shotgun Wedding in December 2022. The actress had been doing many wedding-related movies lately, making her almost reject Jason Moore’s script. But what exactly happened that changed her mind? 

JLo looks stunning at her movie premiere
Jennifer Lopez almost rejected Shotgun Wedding

Lopez added to her rom-com genre with Shotgun Wedding, which has the proper amount of action and comedy. However, Lopez almost rejected the script because she received it while filming Marry me. “Just signed on to do Marry Me and was about to do it and was like, ‘Ah, I don’t want to do another wedding movie,’” Lopez shared with The Hollywood Reporter.

Further, Lopez was begged to read the script before rejecting it, which she half-heartedly did while in a bathtub. The actress found the script quite funny depending on who directed it. On learning about Jason Moore, she agreed on accepting the role. 

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Shotgun Wedding and Jennifer Lopez’s experience with Josh Duhamel 

Shotgun Wedding is based on a story about a destination wedding, which gets put on hold when a gunman hijacks it. With further progress in the story, the couple must save their loved ones from getting killed. The light-hearted action romcom is 6 rated on IMDb and has received 44% Rotten Tomatoes. 

Jennifer Lopez was set to act beside Armie Hammer, who was the initial choice, however, got replaced by Josh Duhamel amidst his 2021 controversies. Duhamel explained how he knew Lopez for years and decided to trust each other on set. “We talked about trusting each other and no matter what; I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine so go for it, don’t be afraid to do something silly.” Duhamel shared. 

Shotgun Wedding
Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel in Shotgun Wedding

The entire cast of the film happened to have been like an actual family on set, maybe not the gunman who hijacked the wedding. Just kidding. 

The film jam-packed with comedy, stunts, and difficult situations for the cast members was an overall hit. Moore’s approach to the film as a big James Bond movie made it even better. 

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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